Thursday, May 01, 2008

Orentlicher Unveils First Negative Ad In 7th District

Just five days before the primary election, State Rep. David Orentlicher launches his first negative attack ad aimed at two of his opponents, U.S. Rep. Andre Carson and Dr. Woody Myers. He hits Carson for "politics as usual" for taking so much special interest money in campaign contributions, and he dings Myers for testifying before Congress as a health care industry executive against a Patient Bill of Rights. Both issues are fair game, but is it too little too late? Orentlicher had to dig into his pocket and loan his campaign an additional $22,500 to help pay for the ad. If he loses next Tuesday, he'll have a difficult time recovering the $350,000 he has loaned to his campaign. Meanwhile, Myers has found a local big donor to contribute to his campaign. Philanthropist Crystal DeHaan donated $2,300 to Myers this week. Myers has already funded his campaign to the tune of $1.6 million, which has paid off in at least giving the perception that the 7th District Democratic primary race is a two-man race between Myers and Carson.

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