Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Council Approves $1.5 Million In Arts Funding

There had been some discussion that funding for the arts might suffer under Mayor Greg Ballard as he searched to find $70 million in spending cuts he promised. Last night, though, the City-County Councy approved a proposal awarding $1,543,500 in art grants to 49 different organizations. The average size of each grant is a mere $31,500. Some of the recipients are long-time, well-established organizations, including the Children's Museum, Clowes Memorial Hall, Dance Kaleidoscope, Eiteljorg Museum, Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis Symphony and Madam Walker Theater. Others, mostly smaller recipients of a few thousand dollars, are not as well known.


Concerned Taxpayer said...

If the "average" grant was only $31,000, I would certainly hope that the agency could manage to survive without it.

If not, perhaps they should close their doors, like every other private enterprise that has to survive WITHOUT government handouts.

It is NOT the government's job to support the arts, no matter what the liberals say. Period.

Anonymous said...

That's enough money to demolish at least 150 unsafe blighted abandoned houses.
How much has the city set aside for that problem?

Eclecticvibe said...

Shame on the government for trying to better the quality of our lives. The government should only focus on unchecked growth and the ultimate exploitation of every natural resource we have, not trying to make our city a better place to live, filled with a thriving culture. And certainly government can't have a role in preserving our history with organizations like the IHS. *sigh*

artfuggins said...

You say you are a concerned taxpayer...but you dont say what you are concerned about.......

Covenant60 said...

concerned... I agree... especially when the taxpayers' government is trying to close a deficit on the books.

In all sorts of cultures and societies, however, governments have supported local artists... whether in Europe or in the small towns of America. It happens, and ought to happen, at the local level only.

But there can be no sense of entitlement about this stuff. The city is short a lot of scratch, and everybody is going to have to bite the bullet. Necessities first, and giving money to established institutions like the Childrens Museum is just not a priority.

Maybe if and when the city is fat happy and sassy... maybe then the people will agree to part with some to fund arts at some level as a community. And maybe they will want there own money back.

A decision best left locally.

Unknown said...

WHY does the city keep giving money to the Children's Museum and the IMA ?

Each has over a quarter billion dollars in the bank.

Give it to smaller groups that need it.