Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Clinton Claims An Indiana Win

Sen. Hillary Clinton is claiming a win in Indiana tonight at the Murat Theatre just down the street from me. She is also demanding that the votes in Michigan and Florida be counted. Clinton cleaned up in the rural counties and the old industrial towns of Indiana today. She got buried in Indianapolis and the college towns of Bloomington, Lafayette and South Bend. Obama also routed her in Fort Wayne. Who knows what the hell happened in Lake County. Still no word from that cesspool of political corruption. Until then, she's stuck with a 52%-48% lead, or 41,000 votes statewide.

UPDATE: FOX News and CNN are now projecting Clinton the winner in Indiana. Clinton is up 22,000 votes with 99% of the vote counted. Clinton appears to have performed well enough in the predominantly white cities of Lake County to offset the overwhelming vote Obama won in Gary. Clinton carries 83 counties to Obama's 9 counties. It looks like Clinton managed to hold Obama to just 55% of the vote in Lake County. That's quite impressive given that Lake County is Obama's backyard. He lives just a few miles from the Illinois-Indiana border with Lake County and has enjoyed tremendous exposure to the entire Northwest Indiana region as an Illinois senator. Clinton defeated him in all the neighboring counties in the region.


artfuggins said...

Obama also won big in that bastin of Democratic power,......Hamilton County.....Danny Burton won!! That should make you republicans happy and proud.

Unknown said...

Indian and Pennsylvania residents IQs have suddenly dropped! What are you people thinking. What makes you think Hillary is in it for YOU??? Can't you all see she hasn't accomplished anything being senator of NY? or wife of a former president? Everything she has done in the state of NY has hurt New Yorker working class. What part of "Obama" and "Get over yourselves" (to PA residents) do you not understand???

Brenda said...

Synth prophet, Hillary is a lot more in it for us that anti-American Obama. Why don't you wake up? The man is out to the destroy the country, but maybe your IQ is too low to realize it. His "friends", Mother, grandparents, and that anti-white, chip on her shoulder wife are enough to scare anyone.