Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is Jim Schellinger A Poor Loser?

Indiana Democrats rallied in support of their gubernatorial nominee yesterday, but Jill Long Thompson's primary opponent, Jim Schellinger, wasn't one of them. According to the AP, Schellinger was thought to be out of town. Schellinger had already been singled out by WISH-TV's Jim Shella for lacking class in the way he conceded his race to Jill Long Thompson. That comment prompted Schellinger's brother to accuse Shella of being biased in his coverage of his brother's campaign. "It is very easy for you to sit on your throne and casts stones at others," Michael Schellinger writes in a comment on Shella's blog. "Throughout Jim’s campaign you were less than objective, not surprising for a member of the media," he continued. Also, according to Shella, former Obannon top advisor Tom New declined an offer by Thompson to head up her search committee for a LG running mate. And then there's a complaint the United Auto Workers has filed against Thompson's campaign with the Indiana Board of Elections as noted over at Frugal Hoosiers. The UAW dumped $445,000 into Schellinger's campaign.


Jen said...


Just so you know, the Thompson campaign contacted the Schellinger campaign about the unity event on Tuesday. It's not something they planned more than a day in advance, and Jim simply wasn't in town.

As noted in some of the coverage, Thompson hasn't even asked Schellinger for his support.

MissouriDemocrat said...

Could be also that he has given a year of his life to this thing and he is tired and disallusioned. Perhaps he thinks it's not even worth being a good democrat any longer.

Unknown said...

"Good Democrat?" Is there such a thing?