Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Schellinger and Thompson Battle To The End

Wow, this race is going down to the wire. Jim Schellinger has clawed his way into a 6,000-vote lead over Jill Long-Thompson with 68% of the vote counted.

UPDATE: It's all going to come down to Lake County now to decide both the gubernatorial race and the presidential primary race. No votes in the tally from Lake County yet. Not a comforting thought for some right now with 84% of the statewide voted counted. Clinton's 40,000-vote lead could disappear pretty quickly. And Schellinger's 8,000 vote lead is even more tenuous.

UPDATE II: It's almost 10:45 p.m. and still not a single vote reported out of Lake County. The Clinton campaign is furious. The most corrupt county in our state will get to decide the outcome of both the Democratic presidential primary and the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Schellinger has stretched his lead to 11,000 votes with 85% of the votes counted. Clinton's 41,000 vote-lead is beginning to shrink.

UPDATE III: Both Schellinger and Thompson addressed their victory parties tonight at the start of the 11:00 p.m. news. Both say they will win when the votes are counted. Someone isn't telling the truth. Who is it?

UPDATE IV: Thompson has nearly erased Schellinger's early lead as Lake Co. results surface. Schellinger's lead is down to 609 votes with 95% of the votes counted. At this rate, Thompson should pull off a narrow win.

UPDATE V: Thompson takes a 1,607-vote lead as Lake County's vote is tabulated. With 99% of the vote now counted, Thompson should be able to claim victory. This is a major blow to the credibility of the Indiana Democratic Party, which went all out to win this race for Schellinger.

UPDATE VI: Thompson has now stretched her lead to 5,673 votes with only a handful of precincts yet to report.


Anonymous said...

what an incredible night

guy77money said...

Hmmm those votes do count, at least in the local elections. I switched and voted Democrat and voted for Thompson. I wonder how many Republicans voted the Democratic ticket yesterday?

artfuggins said...

The big loser today is EVAN BAYH

Anonymous said...

Well I picked 2 of the races races correctly.

I see Jen Wagner made a huge difference for Schellinger. Will she get her old job back ?

Who knows what it will take to win the 7th for the republicans.

Sir Hailstone said...

No matter what, whether "your horse" won or lost, this was a historic election.

I've only worked a couple elections, but people working for the Dems in my precinct told me all day they NEVER had turnout like this even in a general election. We had all day turnout by 10 AM. According to the information posted to IndyGov, it was 35% turnout throughout Marion County. What was turnout for the f*$&ed up primary in 2007? 5%

Jon E. Easter said...

We spent a lot of time doing voter education today in my poll. A handful of voters requested Republican ballots but were disappointed to not find Obama and Clinton on it. One voter even asked, "What's the difference between Republicans and Democrats?"

I'm glad JLT won! She ran the better campaign. Jim Schellinger is a nice guy, but he never connected with me. Mitch has a good candidate to spar with in November. It will be an uphill climb, but Jill is a fighter!