Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tax Bills Will Be Lower For Most

About 90% of Marion Co. homeowners will realize a reduction of about 10% from the flawed tax bills they were originally mailed last year before Gov. Mitch Daniels ordered a reassessment according to the Star's Tim Evans and Mark Nichols. That translates to a median savings of $145. Your tax bill will, however, be on average 20% higher than what you paid in 2006. Taxpayers will not realize any benefit from the property tax relief enacted this year until they receive their 2008 tax bills, which aren't expected to be mailed until later this fall. The story attributes all the savings on the 2007 tax bills to the reassessment. What about those refunds the legislature enacted in 2007 which taxpayers were originally suppose to receive in the mail? After the reassessment order the decision was made to roll the rebate into the revised 2007 tax bills. How much of the 2007 reduction is attributable to the rebate as opposed to the reassessment?


artfuggins said...

I have talked to 5 people this morning after the article appeared in the STar....3 in Center, 1 in Lawrence and 1 in Perry...all of us have INCREASED tax bills...where are these 90% whose bills went down........

Bart Lies said...

This reminds me of last week when gas prices were lowered 5 cents, after being raised 20 the week before. Sure was great to see gas 'come down.'

M Theory said...

Art, don't be so attention starved.

M Theory said...

Gas prices will be $10 to $12 per gallon by 2010 or 2011 according to many analysts.

It's time to educate ourselves about free energy, how it works, who holds the patents, and how citizens can push the technology forward, faster.

artfuggins said...

Hoosiers for Fair Tax...your comment makes no sense whatsoever. I hope it means something to you.

David Myers said...

Anyone that has read my blog, I have been saying for sometime now that there will be no savings in this "tax relief" until 2010 0r in 2011.

2006 bill $1050
2007 bill $1700
2008 bill $1520
2009 bill $1520
2010 bill $1005

So where is the savings? And I will be paying along with the rest of you the 1% sales tax.

artfuggins said...

David, you 100% correct.
2006 $3600
2007 $4142
2008 $5474
2009 $4688
2010 $3750

In addition, we are all paying the increased sales tax...Mitch, you did it to us...

......where is the tax relief?????

M Theory said...

HFFT warned citizens what would happen after the reassessments were ordered. Now you are getting our prediction come true. Where did everybody go? Why weren't there big protests after Black Sunday? We tried to organize them.

The answer is none of you cared badly enough to fight hard enough. In fact, the activists were pretty much abandoned by the people after the reassessments were ordered.

Hopefully you will all be mad enough to vote out every incumbent this fall and elect some Libertarians, but I won't hold my breath.

Now you have high property taxes on top of high gasoline and you haven't seen anything yet because food has not started to really skyrocket...but it will.

You'll start to really see food costs spiral this summer and fall. Hope you have reserves, you'll need them.