Thursday, May 22, 2008

McCain Veep Watch

Sen. John McCain is reportedly beginning the process of interviewing potential vice presidential running mates. He will meet with Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney this weekend at his Arizona ranch. Karl Rove handicapped the three on FOX News last night. He dismissed Crist and Jindal due to the "experience" factor. Ironically, both have more experience than Obama. Romney, he says, has the experience and the backing of many key conservatives. If Romney had stayed true to the beliefs he took while running for office as Massachusetts governor, he would be a perfect choice. Instead, Romney repudiated all the progressive positions he took as a candidate to win as a Republican in one of the country's most Democratic states and became just another typical politician. News reports also indicate that Sen. Joe Lieberman and Sen. Lindsay Graham are joining McCain in Arizona this weekend. I suspect these two are there to advise McCain and not to interview as veep candidates. I'm of the mind that McCain has to reach out to someone who can help attract independent and Hispanic voters--two groups McCain needs to win.

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