Sunday, April 29, 2007

Second "Disturbance" At New Castle

WRTV is reporting there was another incident at the New Castle Correctional Facility on Friday following the riot earlier in the week, which the Daniels' administration described as a "minor incident". "A chemical agent was used on some inmates following a rebellion after lunch Friday," 6News' Rick Hightower reported. "In Friday's incident, one inmate had to be decontaminated after being overcome by a chemical agent." "No prison workers were hurt."

Hightower reports that the families of offenders are complaining that they have been unable to have contact with their incarcerated family members since Monday's riot. He also reports that area residents are not happy that the administration is downplaying the significance of what happened earlier in the week. "Whoever made the decision to say that it wasn't a riot, I think it made a lot of people uneasy around here and a lot of people really uncomfortable," said Tim Logue.

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