Friday, April 27, 2007

Karl Rove A No-Show In Evansville

The White House offered the excuse that a "scheduling conflict" arose which kept Bush advisor Karl Rove from keeping his speaking engagement last night before the Vanderburgh County GOP's Lincoln Day dinner in Evansville. The dinner's emcee said it was "heavy national security stuff" that kept Rove in Washington, D.C. according to the Evansville Courier Press. RNC Chairman Mike Duncan (Who?) stood in for Rove.

It seems more logical that Rove's growing legal problems concerning his role in the political firing of several U.S. attorneys may have had more to do with his absence than any "national security stuff." Rove was hit this week with a subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee, which is investigating the firings. My question is why any GOP organization would want Rove to speak to their group? After all, Rove is too close to the various players in a whole host of corruption cases involving members of the GOP. His success at scapegoating others for the messes he creates (e.g, Valerie Plame) may be coming to an abrupt end. When the U.S. attorney firing scandal erupted, it appeared Rove's strategy was to lay the blame on former White House counsel Harriet Miers. All roads, however, appear to lead back to Rove.

UPDATE: I omitted the fact that the Justice Department's Office of Special Counsel also launched its own investigation of Karl Rove's White House political operation this week, which most assuredly has him more concerned than the congressional investigation.


Wilson46201 said...

In addition to Rove's own legal troubles, George Bush is threatening to cut off funds for our troops in Iraq with his veto. It's going to be heavy lifting for the political genius. His boss is the most unpopular President in decades now. Bush is demanding that his interminable War in Iraq now continue with an endless escalation. They had to bring back Petraeus from Baghdad to shill for Bush - Cheney was sent out with his tired, old attack speeches. Poor Karl has his hands full on his job as White House "politics czar" as well as on his own mounting legal jeopardy!

stAllio! said...

this must be the same dinner josh claybourn was bragging about getting to attend. when i first heard about it, i had a similar reaction to you: "why does josh even want to talk to rove?"

Gary R. Welsh said...

I saw that at In the Agora, Stallio. Josh is an interesting guy. I don't know whether to love him or hate him sometimes, but I do enjoy reading what he has to say. I tried to educate him on gay rights one time, and I don't think he appreciated it.

Anonymous said...

I think the Bush crew is afraid of a Rokita-like incident being picked up by the Indaina blogs, the unacknowledged source of news for the Indianapolis Star.

Bloggin Fool said...

Not to pick on a sick guy, but:

Last fall, WH Press Sec. Tony Snow regularly went on the campaign trail to deliver fund-raising speeches. Many who follow that office's activites report this is a first for a sitting Press Secretary, and highly improper.

Now Rove goes to EVV to raise money?

Here's a neat trick to try: if he's going to be an another Indiana event, quick, someone file a civil lawsuit against the froggy little bastard and serve him a subpeona while you're trying to "shake his hand."

This White House has lost touch with reality and the ethical behavior it promised us in 2000.
Impeachment would be too good for them.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I should correct my comment about Josh. He and I actually argued over the issue of "gender identity" being included in non-discrimination legislation. Josh actually had expressed support for gay rights. Sorry for my error.