Friday, April 20, 2007

Rokita Flap Haunts Romney

The timing of Secretary of State Todd Rokita's Don Imus-like moment when he opined that blacks were in a slave-like relationship with the Democratic Party, angering Indiana's African-American community and forcing Rokita to apologize publicly, has not been good. It has now spilled over into the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. Rokita is helping head up Romney's 2008 GOP presidential campaign efforts in Indiana. And Romney is in town to address a state GOP dinner. Romney's trip to Indiana has been visited upon by a press release from the DNC attacking Romney's association with Rokita. Jim Shella writes at his blog today:

Todd Rokita's bad week just got worse. The Democratic National Committee issued a press release this afternoon attacking Mitt Romney for his Rokita connection. Rokita hosted a Romney fundraiser earlier this month.

Romney is in Indianapolis to address the state Republican dinner and no doubt will have to say something about the scandal created by Rokita's offensive remarks made to a county GOP dinner last week.

The DNC lumps Rokita in with a Romney supporter who compared Democrats to Hitler. This was supposed to be a good day for the Secretary of State.

It sounds like Romney has more reason to be disappointed with Rokita. Presidential campaign disclosure statements show rival Rudy Guiliani raising considerably more funds in Indiana than Romney during the latest reporting period. Guiliani's efforts are being headed up by Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi. Guiliani raised $172,450 compared to the $83,750 raised by Romney.


Wilson46201 said...

The financial base of Czech-heritaged Mormons is kinda small in Indiana ... I'm sure Rokita hit them all up several times though! Maybe Todd was also relying on the African-American Republican Council to assist?

Anonymous said...


There is a difference of opinions in the black community about Rokita's statements.

I noticed the media did not interview or get opinions from any black Republicans regrading his statements.

Democrats need to give their own
apologies to African Americans over and over for playing the "race card" to their advantage.

What is a "Magic Negroe"?

Democrats Demean Barack Obama as a "Magic Negro"
Outrageous is the word for the Democrats blatant racism toward black Democrat Barack Obama, calling him a "Magic Negro" for daring to step off of the Democratic Party's plantation and run for president himself, rather than blindly supporting the white woman Democrat, Hillary Clinton, as most black Democrats do on command of their Democrat Party masters. from the Los Angeles Times.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was labeled a "Communist" by President John F. Kennedy. Has there ever been an apology for what he did?

SOS Dr. Condolezze Rice, depicted as an ignorant barefoot "mammy".

Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, depicted as a simple "Sambo".

Gen. Colin Powell, depicted as a "house Negroe".

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, depicted as, a "sellout".

These are just a few prime examples of the attacks African Americans receive from white Democrat bigots when they do not conform to the "slave mentality".

Rokita was right, The Democrat Party does have a "master/slave" relationship with black voters in their Party. Tell me it isn't so!

The Democrat National Committee owe African American voters an apology for stereotyping all of the brilliant and independent black leaders they do not influence or control regardless of political party affiliation.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Gary. And for once Shella is ahead of the pack instead of reacting. He's a good reporter, albeit lazy sometimes.

Jocelyn's post is amusing, if not factual. FYI, der Jocelyn:

Clarence Thomas is not a "sellout." He is an ill-prepared, legal lightweight.

Colin Powell isn't a sellout. Quite the opposite: he got out and kept his mouth shut.

Condi isn't a "mammy." She is an unindictaed co-conspirator who lends a femme voice to this ridiculous war effort. History will be unkind to her--it's already daming.

JFK never called MLK a Commie. Check your facts.

The subject of the post was Mitt Romney and his Rokita link. It'll be interesting ot see how Mitt (aka FLipper) responds. Try to focus, Jocelyn dear, instead of rehashing tired old inaccurate talking points. Boring.

Wilson46201 said...

Sadly, there are no responsible spokespeople available locally for Black Republicans -- I believe City Councilor Ike Randolph is the only elected GOP official in the entire state of Indiana -- and Ike's quitting. There are serious Black Republicans like Joe Slash, Jon Hall, T.G. Benjamin, Moses Gray, etc but they dont try to play media spinners ...

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is missing a much larger point here.

Why did Katherine Harris head up anyone's campaign in Florida when her job was to oversee elections?

Why did Ken Blackwell head up anyone's campaign in Ohio since his job is to oversee elections?

Why is Todd Rokita heading up anyone's campaign in Indiana since his job is to oversee elections?

I'm sure there have been examples of Democrat Secretary's of State heading up campaigns as well. I don't agree with that either. I just remember Florida and Ohio being particularly involved when so much was on the line.

Since Indiana flips red in a Presidential election as soon as the polls open, I don't see Todd having that much of an impact. However, I don't think such overt partialism is a good idea in that position.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:27 AM

Democrats are attempting to attach the "master/slave" sentence to Romney since Rokita supports him. The inclusion of more minorities in the Republican Party statement seems to be the part that is overlooked in this debate. All of my people were not offended by his remarks. Intelligent voters can see through the scenario.

As an African American, I was not offended by his remarks because I understood what he was trying to explain to the audience in Daviees County. for the record, Democrats are know for labeling African Americans they can not control.

Ronald Reagon was a former Democrat turned Republican. For you white Democrats attempting to handpick a black Republican spokesman. You need to cleanup some of the ones you have.

The double standard still exists. Democrats play the race card to their advantage, and usually blame Republicans for everything else.

Who are your white leaders and spokespersons? Is there more than one?

Once again, white Democrat bigots are attempting to select our leaders, and most of them do not hold an elected office. We have many leaders in our community and I doubt that you could name half of them.

Wilson46201 said...

Republican Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi now has the singularly appropriate title of "Minority Whip" ...

[thanks to Jon Stewart of The Daily Show for that astute observation]

Wilson46201 said...

Face it Jocelyn: Black Republicans are losers. African-Americans do not select and vote for Republicans as their elected officials. African-Americans prefer Democrats. That's a simple and observable fact.

That's why there are NO Black Republicans in the State Legislature and NO Black Republicans in Congress. NONE.

Sadly, when it comes to real power, the GOP gets real, real white.

Anonymous said...

I don't much care who associates themselves with my party (D) as members, and ditto for the loyal opposition. Anyone can join a party. I don't havhe time to police the ranks.

But when you step forward and assume a public office, you assume a different level of responsibility. An oath is associated with most offices for a reason.

Rokita is the elected chief elections officer in Indiana, by statute and oath. He should not be involved in a particular statewide campaign of anyone. If he can't see that, and I doubt he can, Heaven help us. What if the 2008 Republican statewide primary has a recount situation between Romney and McCain, or anyone else? How can Rokita, as the head of the elections, oversee such a recount gracefully? Myabe he'd invoke midnight thief Ms. Harris's legacy, ship in Jim Baker to PR blitz the state, and ignore the law. Duh.

Jocelyn, run for office, get elected, and you'll have some credibility. Until then, you speak for no one but yourself. Thankfully. I know some of the black Republicans mentioned above--Rev. Benjamen expecially--and they're honorable. They have told many folks you don't speak for them--emphatically so. So be it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:55

Wrong: Who do you speak for other than yourself?

I am the elected president of the recently organized African American Republcan Council. No one has told us that we can't run for an office. Running for office is a personal choice, not the political Party's. There will be more African Americans on the Republican Party's ticket very soon.

Why are white Democrat so concerned on how my people will vote every election? You need to register your own people and get them to the polls.

Wilson46201 said...

I was going to make a crack about how Ms. Tandy was 'elected' when her new grouplet met at a table at IHOP which left plenty of room for the Jewish GOP Caucus and the Log Cabin Republicans. But gay Republicans know Tandy as a notorious, vocal homobigot and the Jewish Republicans remember her backing up Bob Parker's anti-Semitic remarks. Not a good way to build a "Big Tent"!

Anonymous said...


It is unfortunate for Wilson Allen to assume the role as spokesperson for the African American Community since he is a confused white male homosexual. He is a non-entity in the scheme of things for my people.
Your conduct is typical of most Democrat bigots. IHOP is where you hold your meetings evidently. Your ignorance is on display once again. A distraction from the real debate on this blog.

Make sure every white Democrat officeholder does not attempt to assume the role of master over African Americans voters.

I don't need your approval or endorsement to perform my duties as president of this Republican organization. There will be another presence and a voice in the black community.

You have certainly assumed the "master/slave" role, however, I never lived on the plantation.

There is a lot to be desired in the Democrat Party. May I suggest you spend more time organizing and educating your supporters, quit worrying about the Republicans and African American voters. I am exercising my Constitutional Rights to the fullest. We shall overcome one day.

Anonymous said...

"...he is a confused white male homosexual. He is a non-entity in the scheme of things for my people."

Jocelyn, does this mean that gay people are so low in your eyes that they are less than human beings? Are you really that mean and nasty?

Anonymous said...

No, only one particular person who thinks he has free rein to harass me others who do not agree with his opinions.

I have the right to defend myself against someone who was posting my name over several blogs last year before I was even aware of these blogs. He has been viciously atracking me for whatever reason. If he can dish it out, he should be able to take it when someone expresses their opinions of him. I am sure you have read the character attacks against me in the past on these blogs. The difference is, I have chosen to ignore him most of the time except when I feel the need to respond to his attacks. Freedom of expression seems to be the order of the day on these blogs whether or not the comments have merit.

Anonymous said...

Excuse the typos!