Tuesday, April 24, 2007

House GOP Tries To Blast SJR-7 Out Of Committee

House Republicans demonstrated today that they haven't given up on getting a third reading vote on SJR-7--the discredited amendment designed to enshrine discrimination into the Indiana Constitution against unmarried couples. Rep. Ralph Foley offered a motion in the House Rules and Legislative Procedures Committee to ensure a third reading vote on the discriminatory amendment, but the Committee adjourned without voting on the motion. Foley issued this press release in response to the Committee's action:

Today in the House Rules and Legislative Procedures Committee, Representative Ralph M. Foley (R-Martinsville) presented a motion that would allow Senate Joint Resolution 7, the Defense of Marriage Constitutional Amendment, to be allowed a 3rd Reading vote by the end of session, April 29th. Under House rules, all bills must have passed a 3rd Reading vote by April 10. The democrat controlled committee abruptly adjourned without acting on the motion.

“As a former Chairman of the Rules Committee, I couldn’t help but note that when the committee previously voted on SJR 7 it neither passed, nor failed, but resulted in a 5-5 tie,” said Foley. “I asked the committee to follow the rule book and requested that the measure be reconsidered for debate before the committee adjourned. I did not anticipate an immediate adjournment, leaving work undone.

“I believe it is important that we address this amendment with full discussion. Two years ago 76 state representatives voted for the amendment receiving overwhelming bipartisan support. I am unsure the course of action the majority will take, but I can assure this will not deter the legislature from enacting important legislation such as property tax reform, getting a fully balanced honest budget and other important work before the General Assembly in these remaining days.”

It is a pretty sad statement of the thinking within the House GOP caucus to be pursing the mean-spirited amendment at a time when the legislature is pressed with addressing serious issues, such as the budget, property tax reform and funding health insurance for the uninsured. For Foley to suggest this last-ditch effort would "not deter the legislature from enacting important legislation" is disingenuous on his part. How pathetic that the House GOP would rather turn the last week of the legislative session into a train wreck for no other reason than to express homobigotry.


Wilson46201 said...

TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT INCREASE in residential property taxes should certainly focus the mind of any sentient legislator.


Let the fags marry their damn horses if they want but Hoosier voters get really really pissy about MASSIVE TAX INCREASES!

Donna P said...

Ouch wilson, can you please tone it down?

Tell the Truth said...

It's off subject, but...

I do not expect nor want the freaking Indiana legislature to "fix" my property tax bill. Their property tax statutory duty is to establish the system whereby the taxes are fairly assessed and levied.

They were told almost ten years ago by the Indiana Tax Court that the system was broken and must be fixed. They waited until the last possible minute, and their "fix" was horrendous. This gaggle of 150 could screw up a three car parade...do you really want them fixing property tax bills? If 20 of the brighter legislators leave the building, the remaining IQ might total 200.

The people responsible for "fixing" the bills are the local units of government. That's who has the power to raise taxes, and sometimes they act like drunken sailors. (With apologies to the Navy) Start with the inefficient, bloated, overly expensive, power-hungry townships. Reduce their power and spread their tasks elsewhere. Hell, elminiate them...they've lost all common sense. Driving around in unmarked police cars, buying up property like it was ice cream, hiring family members and political hacks...now THAT'S expensive. And it doesn't make any difference where you live--Lawrence or Center. It's too expensive.

Doug said...

I had expected the House Republicans to at least offer a minority committee report recommending the passage of the bill. Maybe there is something procedurally that made that not an option.

Wilson46201 said...

"Tell The Truth" should examine carefully her tax bill and notice the breakdown of where the dollars actually go - Township expenses (whch majorly include helping the poor and needy in Center) are less than 5% or so of her total tax bill. But poor folk get the blame!

About half of Center's property taxes go to IPS - another big chunk goes to IFD and IPD - another chunk goes to City/County - libraries soak up cash - Township expenses are about the teeniest part of a tax bill.

I suspect "Tell The Truth" is quite unconcerned about taxes (assuming she indeed does pay taxes) but merely wanted to slam some popular elected officials for paltry partisan purposes...