Tuesday, April 10, 2007

House Votes For Pay Raise

A bill increasing the base pay of Indiana lawmakers' base pay from $11,600 to $20,700 easily cleared the chamber today. The raise could actually be higher than that when it takes effect in 2009 because members' pay is tied to 18% of the salary paid to the state's judges. Lawmakers currently earn on average about another $30,000 a year in per diem pay on top of their base pay. The legislation also reduced their generous retirement benefit from a $4 to $1 match to a $2 to $1 match similar to what other state employees earn.

Here's the AP's rundown of the vote:

Votes Tuesday as the House, on a 60-39 vote, approved a measure to increase lawmakers' base salaries while reducing their retirement benefits. Voting yes were 28 Republicans and 32 Democrats. Voting no were 20 Republicans and 19 Democrats. Rep. Michael Murphy, R-Indianapolis, was excused from voting.

Behning, Robert, Indianapolis-91; Bell, Matthew, Avilla-83; Borror, Randy, FortWayne-84; Bosma, Brian, Indianapolis-88; Brown, Tim, Crawfordsville-41; Burton, Woody, Greenwood-58; Dodge, Richard, Pleasant Lake-51; Duncan, Cleo, Greensburg-67; Espich, Jeffrey, Uniondale-82; Foley, Ralph, Martinsville-47; Friend, William, Macy-23; Frizzell, David, Indianapolis-93; Gutwein, Eric, Rensselaer-16; Hinkle, Phillip, Indianapolis-92; Lehe, Donald, Brookston-15; Leonard, Dan, Huntington-50; Lutz, Jack, Anderson-35; Noe, Cindy, Indianapolis-87; Richardon, Kathy, Noblesville-29; Ripley, Michael, Monroe-79; Ruppel, William, North Manchester-22; Smith, Milo, Columbus-59; Stutzman, Marlin, Howe-52; Torr, Gerald, Carmel-39; Turner, Eric, Marion-32; Ulmer, John, Goshen-49; Whetstone, Matthew, Brownsburg-40; Wolkins, David, Winona Lake-18;
Borders, Bruce, Jasonville-45; Buck, James, Kokomo-38; Buell, Larry, Indianapolis-89; Cherry, Robert, Greenfield-53; Crouch, Suzanne, Evansville-78; Davis, Bill, Portland-33; Dermody, Tom, LaPorte-20; Eberhart, Sean, Shelbyville-57; Elrod, Jonathan, Indianapolis-97; Harris, Tim, Marion-31; Knollman, Tom, Liberty-55; Koch, Eric, Bedford-65; McClain, Rich, Logansport-24; Neese, Tim, Elkhart-48; Pond, Phyllis, New Haven-85; Saunders, Thomas, Lewisville-54; Soliday, Edmond, Valparaiso-4; Thomas, Amos, Brazil-44; Thompson, Jeffrey, Lizton-28; Walorski, Jacqueline, Lakeville-21;
Bauer, B. Patrick, South Bend-6; Brown, Charlie, Gary-3; Cheney, Duane, Portage-10; Cochran, William, New Albany-72; Crawford, William, Indianapolis-98; Crooks, David, Washington-63; Day, John, Indianapolis-100; Denbo, Jerry, French Lick-62; Dickinson, Mae, Indianapolis-95; Dobis, Chet, Merrillville-13; Grubb, Dale, Covington-42; Harris, Earl, East Chicago-2; Hoy, Phillip, Evansville-77; Kersey, Clyde, Terre Haute-43; Klinker, Sheila, Lafayette-27; Kuzman, Robert, CrownPoint-19; Lawson, Linda, Hammond-1; Mays, Carolene, Indianapolis-94; Oxley, Dennie, Milltown-73; Pelath, Scott, Michigan City-9; Pflum, Phillip, Milton-56; Pierce, Matt, Bloomington-61; Porter, Gregory, Indianapolis-96; Reske, Scott, Pendleton-37; Robertson, Paul, DePauw-70; Smith, Vernon, Gary-14; Stevenson, Dan, Highland-11; Stillwell, Russell, Boonville-74; Summers, Vanessa, Indianapolis-99; Tyler, Dennis, Muncie-34; Van Haaften, Trent, Mount Vernon-76; Welch, Peggy, Bloomington-60;
Austin, Terri, Anderson-36; Avery, Dennis, Evansville-75; Bardon, Jeb, Indianapolis-25; Battles, Kreg, Vincennes-64; Bischoff, Robert, Lawrenceburg-68; Candelaria Reardon, Mara, Munster-12; Cheatham, Dave, North Vernon-69; Dembowski, Nancy, Knox-17; Dvorak, Ryan, South Bend-8; Fry, Craig, Mishawaka-5; GiaQuinta, Phil, Fort Wayne-80; Goodin, Terry, Crothersville-66; Herrell, Ronald, Kokomo-30; Micon, Joe, West Lafayette-26; Moses, Winfield, Fort Wayne-81; Niezgodski, David, South Bend-7; Orentlicher, David, Indianapolis-86; Stemler, Steve, Jeffersonville-71; Tincher, Vern, Riley-46.


Anonymous said...

Who authorizes the pay and any pay raises for Judges.

If it is the House and or Senate then they could increase the pay of judges and automatically give themselves a pay raise.

Gary R. Welsh said...

anon 10:04, I think that's the point of writing the legislation this way.

Anonymous said...

It's time to get this thorny issue out of the dark ages.

If we elevate the pay, perhaps we can expect a higher intellect?

HAHA just joking.

Anonymous said...

With this theft of our money, one is morally justified in cheating on their taxes (aka: "their fair share"). So now they will make damn near $55K/year, if not more, for part-time work. It is even more sickening that some of these hacks actually make well into six-figures at other jobs. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

..and some make good money from OTHER state (cushy) jobs. Which is even more sickening (are you listening, Ivy Tech?).

That being said, it's difficult to muster much anger at the first real raise since 1985. And, now, it seems the process for their pay will be tied to judges, which is less offensive and will, of necessity, be away from the public eye, for the most part.