Monday, April 09, 2007

AFA Launches Attack On Austin For SJR-7 Vote

The American Family Association took out a full-page ad in yesterday's Anderson Herald-Bulletin attacking her for voting against SJR-7 in committee last week. The Indiana Daily Insight reports:

The Anderson-Herald Bulletin on Sunday featured a full-page ad funded by the American Family Association of Indiana PAC blasting Rep. Terri Austin (D) over her Rules Committee vote against SJR 7. "BETRAYED" reads the big bold print over her picture, and the ad then asks (also in all caps) "Why did Terri Austin break her vow to defend marriage?" The ad urges her constituents to call and e-mail her to call to ask "why she won't let Hoosiers vote to preserve marriage."

Sorry, Micah Clark, but you're confusing Rep. Austin with the proponents of SJR-7. Sen. Brandt Hershman and Advance America's Eric Miller are both divorced. Didn't they break their vow to defend their marriages?


Anonymous said...

Excellent post, and thank you.

Here's the rub: IF we run to support Rep. Austin, the money we'd give could be used against her, too.

"She got thousands from gay activists in Indianapolis..." I can just hear it now.

For now, the best alternative is: if you know ANYONE in her district, urge them to give to her.

And, just like the questions surrounding Eric Miller, isn't this ad political activity? Isn't AFA a 501(c)3? IRS complaints are an option, too.

Wilson46201 said...

The AFA has a separate Political Action Committee (PAC) which actually bought the ad legally. The cash Tony Dungy raised for IFA did not go directly to pay for the ad. The "goodwill" and approval of AFA by Dungy certainly makes the separate PAC fundraising easier however...

Anonymous said...

Continue to attack Tony Dungy and the Colts, that will really help your cause!!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Wilson, It's the same folks running the PAC as run the AFA.

Anonymous said...

I beleive the IRS has, on occasion, looked narrowly and negatively on PACs run by the same folks as tax-exempt entities.

If the offices, personnel and mailing address are exactly the same, it bends the rules, doesn't it, Gary?

And the copy of the ad I was e-mailed, may have omitted the PAC mention...but I cannot find it. Did the ad clearly say the PAC paid for it?

Wilson46201 said...

I briefly saw the genuine newsprint version from Anderson - when glancing at it, I'm pretty sure I saw the magic "P.A.C." words because it's something I definitely look for when I see politically-tinged advertisements.

I do not recall if it had the legally-mandated disclaimer of "Paid for and authorized by the Whatever PAC" -- it may have been merely "signed" by the AFA PAC. Interestingly, it was by the 'mothership' PAC, not the Hoosier affiliate!

Anonymous said...

Please take a moment to thank Rep. Austin for her vote against SJR7 and the integrity of the Indiana Bill of Rights.

317-232-9798 oe 317-232-9600

You know the WingNuts are doing it.