Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bad Day For Governor Daniels

Today's headlines say it all. "Full Scale Riot In Indiana Prison." "Property Taxes May Spike 24%.". The prison riot at Indiana's newest prison, New Castle, is garnering nationwide attention with live coverage on the cable news networks. The prison is privately-run by the GEO Group, a major contributor to Gov. Mitch Daniels' campaign committee. A decision to house inmates from Arizona, touted as a way to generate revenues for the Department of Corrections, instead has brought disorder and disgrace. Because a private contractor is involved, this will likely produce more criticism of Daniels' ambitious initiatives to privatize many state services. With the news on property tax front, Gov. Daniels had better be working around the clock with legislators to provide meaningful property tax relief before the legislative session ends this week.


Wilson46201 said...

To heck with the far-away prison! (and it's seemingly over)



Anonymous said...

I live in Indianapolis. I'll give the city $50/per property tax bill if they will build a GIANT jail and start locking up all of the criminal in our city, instead of turning them loose to prey on us!

That girl at the bus stop was raped by a convict, who should have been locked up in prison, unable to attack new victims!

Anonymous said...

Indiana was not the only state bidding for the prisoners - didn't you see the other videos made?