Thursday, August 14, 2008

Schellinger Backing Daniels?

During this year's Democratic gubernatorial primary race between Jill Long Thompson and architect Jim Schellinger, the Indiana Democratic Party became an extension of Schellinger's campaign. Now comes word that Schellinger's CSO Architects is putting on a fundraiser for his would-have-been opponent, Gov. Mitch Daniels. Did I mention that CSO is partnering with Daniels' administration to rebuild the Moscow Covered Bridge? As they say, the bottom line is the bottom line. So much for party loyalty.


M Theory said...

I'm disgusted. Schellinger is no friend of the taxpayer and this will easily backfire on the Governor. He needs to distance himself from Schellinger. This provides more proof that there is no difference between the R's and D's anymore. They are united by the common denominator they both worship...MONEY!


ruth holladay said...

It is fairly common for big architectural firms (and others) to make donations etc. for candidates of both parties...especially when the companies are hoping to win contracts. Bernardin in Evansville is another good example of playing both sides of the street.
So Schellinger's firm's involvement wouldn't necessarily imply his endorsement, altho I agree with Hoosiers for fair tax...follow the money. Revolving door.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Rex Early makes it pretty clear how it works these firms. And he would know. He used to own one.

Jon E. Easter said...

If Jim Schellinger wants to run for Mayor of Indianapolis, he will have SERIOUS issues with Ed Treacy running the show in Marion County if this is true. Schellinger also released a letter a few months ago endorsing JLT.