Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rescue Underway After Workers Scaffolding Collapses

A scaffolding holding three construction workers at the M&I Building at Ohio and Pennsylvania in Downtown Indianapolis collapsed, leaving the workers perilously from ropes. Numerous IFD rescue teams have responded to the scene. Pennsylvania Street has been closed at New York Street. No word on any injuries at ground level where a large piece of metal is said to have struck the ground.
UPDATE: All three men were successfully rescued by IFD.


Unknown said...

They were part of a crew attaching a SIGN at the 28th floor. Ropes and safety harnesses held the workers against the building, about nine stories high. The scaffold was dangling from one set of cables.

guy77money said...

All that training paid off for our heroic fire fighters. If you ask them thou it's all in a days work! Good job gentlemen!