Thursday, August 14, 2008

More On Barry Soetoro

The Texas Darlin blog, a pro Clinton blog, is touting a document purporting to be a school record for Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Obama, Jr., at a Catholic school in Jarkarta, Indonesia. The blog says the photo image of the document was obtained by Tatan Syuflana, an Indonesian AP reporter. Barry Soetoro is identified as an Indonesia citizen whose religion is Muslim. Lolo Soetoro, his step father, is identified as his father, not Barack Obama, Sr. Laying aside the possible Article II eligibility issues raised if Obama is indeed an Indonesian citizen, the blog points out that Obama may have been less than truthful to the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission when he obtained admission to practice law in the State of Illinois. The blog notes his admission records do not disclose any other names used by Obama. The school record also contradicts Obama's claim he was never a Muslim. "Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised as a Muslim, and is a committed Christian," Fight The Smears asserts. Obama's website asserts that claims Obama was once a Muslim is an attempt to smear the religion. I suspect Muslims find it more offensive that Obama would deny his Muslim heritage. A translation of the school record can be found here. Atlas Shrug blog says, "So What". It reported this news in January, 2007!

Editor's Note: Texas Darlin blog also published the findings of a document expert, Techdude, claiming that Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate was a forgery based on an original document issued to Obama's sister. The blog later pulled Techdude's findings when he declined to provide a further detailed analysis of his work. Techdude claimed his work published on Texas Darlin and No Quarter had placed his family in harm and was taking too much time away from his job. Another document expert, Polarik, continues to maintain the birth certificate is a forgery.

Let there be no mistake where the "Obama is not a natural born citizen" claims have originated. The No Quarter and Texas Darlin blogs are unabashed Clinton supporters. They have not joined the unity effort of the DNC to unite Obama and Clinton supporters. I believe that Sen. Hillary Clinton's supporters still believe they can derail Obama's nomination with last-minute disclosures that threaten to doom his candidacy. These issues will surface in the general election if Obama is nominated. Jerome Corsi's "Obama Nation" has already soared to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list. He makes similar claims in his book about what Obama's Indonesian school records reveal about his identity.

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