Thursday, August 07, 2008

Obama's Smoke And Mirrors Presence In Indiana

Frugal Hoosiers blog has blown the lid off the claim of Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign and media spinmeisters over at the Indiana Democratic Party that Obama has more than a dozen campaign offices around the State of Indiana. Political reporters fell for the claims hook, line and sinker without doing any due diligence and now have egg on their faces. Frugal Hoosiers writes:

A visual survey of a majority of the Obama offices around the state reveals that they are nothing more than an assortment of vacant spaces, offices for other candidates, and county party headquarters. In other words, the Obama presence in Indiana is a myth, a campaign of smoke and mirrors designed to give the impression that Indiana is up for grabs and Obama is investing millions to win here.

In Lake County, for example, the Obama campaign has taken up residence in Congressman Visclosky's headquarters. In South Bend, Obama is housed in the St. Joe County democrat headquarters. In New Albany, he's shacking up with Baron Hill. In Evansville, he's sharing space with Congressman Ellsworth and Jill Long Thompson.

Will Brian Howey or Mary Beth Schneider fess up to their readers about how they erred in relying on the propaganda fed to them by the Obama campaign and the Indiana Democratic Party? It looks like the campaign had no more than 10-day leases on some of the offices. Barack Obama's campaign is all about smoke and mirrors. Wake up America.


Nick said...

Just words. Just speeches.

LOL! What a joke of a candidate!

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Gee...surprise, surprise, Gomer. Who would think that the MSM would ever do all in its power to support a liberal democrat!!

Bart Lies said...

It's the 'change' we are supposed to believe in, not the candidate himself.

Shofar said...

Does anyone have a tire pressure gauge I can borrow? I need to help save the planet and, after all if everyone just inflated their tires we would save just as much energy as we would get by drilling.

As a side note and sort of off topic, when the Dems recessed the House last week, out of the nine Indiana reps only three voted to adjourn without moving forward on any debate over energy policy.

The three? Visclosky, Hill, and our own seed, Andre Carson. To add insult to injury to this voter, I sent e-mails to Carson, Sen. Bayh and Sen. Lugar a week before the adjournment. To date, ONLY Bayh and Lugar have responded. Andre, do you not care about your constituents?

IndyPaul said...

and of McCain's offices?


Concerned Taxpayer said...

"and of McCain's offices?


But you DON'T see the MSM lying about his massive presence here, do you.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Maybe Mattie can do some super-duper investigative reporting on this issue!

Anonymous said...

Ah more change you wipe your A$$ with. Senator Obama is just another plutocratic Aristocrat in a long line of power hungry politicians.

Brian Howey has burned so many bridges with his hack style journalism.

He only survives and is kept afloat by his laughably over inflated ego. However, it will be a cold day in hell that he admits to being a shill for Obama.

His HPR is a joke at the statehouse and this only reaffirms why that is the case.

Wilson46201 said...

* Ferragamo loafers: $520
* Dolce & Gabbana blazer: $1,700
* Battistoni custom-made shirt: $700
* Galliano trousers: $1800

Fooling American voters into believing your opponent is an elitist: PRICELESS

artfuggins said...

Can someone help me locate the McCain offices in Indiana?

indyernie said...

"Can someone help me locate the McCain offices in Indiana?"

Does McCain need an office in Indiana? Hes already won in Indiana.

"Andre, do you not care about your constituents?"

Andre considers any legitimate question "baiting" then he runs away like a little girl from a worm...screaming all the way.

artfuggins said...

I hope McCain and the GOP continue to believe that they have won Indiana.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Wanna see something funny? Watch "The Seed" save Social Security. Here is his You Tube link:

Billionbucks said...

What the hell are you smoking? You post this pathetic blog and back it up with nothing. Go visit an office and see how "smoke and mirrors" all the people working there are. Get your head out of the dirt. You're just kicking and crying because McCain doesn't give a crap about this state. Obama has visited us dozens of times and the one or two times McCain has come he has had a turn out of under 500 people where everyone finds themselves falling asleep. Pathetic. McCain is a JOKE!