Sunday, August 03, 2008

If Dan Quayle Was Under-Qualified For V.P., What Does That Make Barack Obama?

Listening to NBC Political Director Chuck Todd offer his opinions on potential vice presidential choices for the presidential candidates on this morning's "Meet The Press", I was reminded of just how clueless and partisan he is in his views. He said Michael Dukakis made a mistake in 1988 by picking Sen. Lloyd Bentsen because he was over-qualified compared to Dukakis. Hey, at least Dukakis was a governor. George H.W. Bush, however, made an equally bad choice by picking an under-qualified candidate for vice president in Dan Quayle Todd said. I couldn't help but ask myself if Dan Quayle was under-qualified, what does that make Barack Obama? Quayle, like Obama, had a law degree and practiced law. Quayle served as an assistant to a governor and Director of Indiana's Inheritance Tax Division. He was general manager and associate publisher of the Huntington Herald-Press. And he served four years in the House of Representatives and another 8 years in the U.S. Senate, giving him a dozen years of congressional experience. Obama's experience? Community organizer for a couple of years, state senator for eight years and three years as a U.S. Senator--at least half of which has been spent campaigning for president. So who is the under qualified one?


MissouriDemocrat said...

Of course all that is true and of course Barack Obama on that gage is not qualified to be President. Scarey though that we may well get Barack Obama from a fickle group of American voters so ticked off at George Bush that they will not see a good man like John McCain is just the kind of take no prisoners President we need.. My party is so anxious to return to power they would nominate Mickey Mouse if he would agree to run on the Democratic ticket.

Anonymous said...

"If Dan Quayle Was Under-Qualified For V.P., What Does That Make Barack Obama?" - Someone who actually knows how to spell.

In order to be a good leader, you have to have people that are willing to follow you. Otherwise, you are ineffective. Obama has inspired millions to follow him, unlike McCain. Obama - Good leader for the future of America.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Hitler inspired a lot of people to follow him, but I think you would agree that didn't make him a good leader. Rev. James Jones inspired a flock to move to the jungles of South America and drink the Kool-Aid. Even Charles Manson had a loyal following.

indyernie said...

"In order to be a good leader, you have to have people that are willing to follow you."

A few names come to mind,

Osama bin Laden
Saddam Hussein
Kim Jong
Jim Jones
Adolph Hitler
Fidel Castro
David Koresh
Pol Pot

I guess that depends on your definition of "Good".

Anonymous said...

I would agree, but Obama is a far cry from Hitler, Rev. Jones or Manson. I don't recall being told by Obama to kill jews, drink Kool-Aid, or kill anyone. I have heard Obama speak about stepping up to the plate to take personal responsibility for my actions, country and the world we live in. You are trying to instill fear in people, and I don't think it will work. I have more reservations about a prisoner of war who likely has PTSD issues as a result of his past, with his finger on the button. Only McCain is talking about killing Iranians with cigarettes exported from America, and lest we forget his "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" quote.

artfuggins said...

Here goes the Hitler thing again.....the difference is that Obama is intelligent and Quayle only got into school because of family connections, did poorly while there, may or may not have had someone take the bar exam for him and used his family influence to avoid military service............

indyernie said...

"Quayle only got into school because of family connections, did poorly while there"

If it wasn't for the bar exam being mentioned this sounds like our 7TH district Congressman...was he in the military? Didn't think so... Then again with him being a Five Percenter he would require the rank of General in boot camp now wouldn't he?.... and who would test for him? himself? we can’t have that now can we? Can you say thanks Granny?

Indianapolis Observer said...

But...Dan Quayle is stupid. Barack Obama may be many things, but stupid isn't one of 'em.

Danny Boy went as far as he did because of Pulliam money and influence. Now that they don't own the newspapers any more, he may have money, but he has no influence.

Covenant60 said...

I'm pretty sure that Quayle knows how many US States there are, and where Sioux City is, and when the Selma march took place, and whether the "tiny" countries of Iran and No Korea pose a threat to the country.

Obama is such an ignorant lightweight it's scary.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The Quayle is stupid line is really getting old. From what I hear, Dan is making money hands over fist right now. Rex Early is a pretty good judge of people. He pretty much puts to rest that worn out slur.

artfuggins said...

Lots of stupid being inherit money and some even become president of the United States.