Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Obama/Bayh Hoax?

Matt Drudge says it's real. A Kansas City company is claimed to be printing up Obama/Bayh bumperstickers. NBC's Andrea Mitchell says, "Not so fast." Mitchell claims the bumpersticker report is bogus. She says her sources tell her that the choice is likely to be Sen. Joe Biden. Her sources tell her Senator Bayh and Gov. Kaine were notified today that they were not going to be the choice. Mitchell notes that Biden's entire family has gathered at his home and that students of the law school class he was scheduled to teach tomorrow have been told to expect a substitute. It just gets crazier by the moment. As for those text message alerts, it will reportedly take at least 3 to 4 hours for all of the recipients to be notified. That leads some to speculate the official word won't go out until the wee hours of Saturday morning.
UPDATE: Fox News now cites an Internet report claiming that a private jet left Chicago's Midway Airport earlier this evening en route to Wilmington, Delaware to pick up Sen. Biden.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping either Clinton (despite her perceived baggage) or Biden. I like Biden though, he is feisty. Now if we can get just get McKinney/Clemente, Obama/Biden, McCain/Romney, Barr/Root, and Nader/Bradley to get in a ring and fight on the issues - If this were to happen, and only focused on the actual issues and not spin, I would predict an upset by McKinney/Clemente.

7th CD guy said...

I'm surprised he didn't chose Osama bin-Laden.
They seem to be one in the same!
Kind of like Wilson46201 and artfuggins

artfuggins said...

7th cd least, you dont have to worry about people saying you are respectful and fair minded.

P.S. As I have told you before, I am not you are a slow learner.

7th CD guy said...

but you will never give a real name either. I gave you mine!
I'll respect Obama when he respects the American Flag. I witnessed this first hand, that makes it fair. He hates Americans, just like his buddy, bin-Laden. Prove I'm wrong and I'll give you my list of dead relatives that the Democrats tried to use for the last election.

artfuggins said...

Why would you assume that I am not using my real name and why does it matter....I dont care what your name hope is that some day that you will make a lucid political statement.