Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pushback To Obama/Bayh Ticket From The Left

It looks like some on the Left are picking up a strong scent that there is a better than 50/50 chance Sen. Barack Obama will pick Sen. Evan Bayh as his vice presidential running mate. A "Stop Bayh/Obama" movement has sprung into action. Here's one Lefty blogger's take on the prospect, who thinks John McCain's judgment couldn't be so bad after all if Evan Bayh is acceptable:

I'm hearing word that Evan Bayh has at least a 50-50 chance of getting the vice-presidential nod and that the final decision will be made soon. Unfortunately, I don't have any other names to tell you so that you know what the alternatives are. The New York Times did a great job yesterday morning in explaining why the selection of Bayh would be problematic. It would be hard to fuck up Barack Obama's brand any worse than picking John McCain's honorary co-chairman of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. We really shouldn't have to say anything more than that.

If Evan Bayh is acceptable then maybe John McCain's judgment isn't so bad after all. I might add that Al From of the DLC wants Evan Bayh and so does Cokie 'Myrtle Beach' Roberts. Those are two big alarm-bells. And I'd really prefer it not to be the case that Team Obama is more interested in appeasing Al From and Cokie Roberts than they are concerned with enraging their base of support online. There are many of us that were in the long fight to win the nomination with Obama who made that commitment out of a desperate desire to see the DLC sidelined and a new generation of post-Bush thinking Democrats put in charge of the party. We're the same people that fought off Tim Roehmer and Harold Ford for DNC chairmen and gave you Howard Dean and the immensely successful 50-state strategy. We did not put in all that work in order to see the former DLC chairman put next in line for the presidency.

A new Facebook group called "100,000 Strong Against Evan Bayh for VP" can now be found on the Internet. Steve Clemons opines over at The Huffington Post that Evan's chances are betting than even. He explains why Bayh is unacceptable:

Why Bayh Should Not Be VP -- In contrast to his indefatigable, passionate, and legislatively masterful father, Evan Bayh's approach to policy and politics comes off as flat and squeezes the air, sizzle, and enthusiasm out of the Obama balloon -- a balloon that has already been deflating somewhat as Michael Tomasky conveyed in the Washington Post this last Sunday.

Another blogger conveys this colorful portrait of just how boring of a choice Bayh would make:

This is a boring human being.
A vastly boring human being.
A creature of such lifelessness that he produces narcolepsy in all listeners whenever he speaks.
A person of such profound dryness that flood zones beg him to show up.
A man who couldn't produce an exciting moment if he was jolted with two-million volts.
The sun would turn to a cold, lifeless clot of fused metal and rock if he got too close.
The makers of Ambien have attempted to block his speeches as a part of a restraint of trade injunction.
So, naturally, the Democrats are flirting with this man as the possible running-mate for Barack Obama. Yep, clearly they think that the best way to balance the ticket is to put the world's most horrifying dull human being on the ticket. On top of this - oh, yes, it gets even better - yep, he is a Clintonite of long standing, a creature of the triangulation and hedging, of never really quite committing to anything, and certainly will never promote anything that even remotely resembles progressivism.
He bores the pants off of me.
People vote for him because as they slept during his speeches they dreamed that he was a good candidate.
I would rather read 19th century German theology.
Yep, this is who we, as Democrats, are going to have foisted off us. Mr. White Bread. Mr. Slippery Pot Pie. Mr. Luby's. Splendid. What a great choice.

It's interesting that the Lefties are concerned about whether he is too boring or too moderate. Completely missing from their analysis is the glaring issues which will arise about the manner in which he and his wife, Susan, amassed a multi-million dollar fortune during his career as a politician. Defending that record is what will drain the life out of the Obama campaign. Not his moderate views or his boring personality.

UPDATE: Daily Kos gives thumbs down to Bayh here. The blog figures Bayh's selection ensures the appointment of a Republican senator to replace him if Obama wins. The Daily Kos is smart enough to know that Jill Long Thompson doesn't have a snowball in hell's chance in November against Daniels. The blog's suggestion that Steve Buyer might get the appointment is way off base. Try Peter Rusthoven. He served with Daniels in the Reagan administration. He's been itching for Senate seat for many years.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they have also heard the rumors of a certain NFL player and state trooper?

Jon E. Easter said...

If Mrs. McCain's millions aren't a problem (money made off of getting people drunk), then Mrs. Bayh's won't be.

Word on the street is that it's down to Mr. Bayh and Mr. Biden. If it's Biden...Obama gets the bulldog that his campaign needs.

artfuggins said...

The conflicts of Mrs. Bayh pale compared to the financial conflicts of Mrs. McCain and her hundreds of millions of dollars. She may even be involved with a company that is illegally doing business with Cuba.......Bayh is not my choice but not because of money his wife has earned.