Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden's House Problem

Byron York resurrects an old story about the sale of Sen. Joe Biden's Delaware home a few years back to a top executive of MBNA, the credit card giant based in Delaware, for $1.2 million. It appears the selling price may have been a little generous given the extensive work required on the home after its purchase. The issue also resurrects the close ties, including lots of campaign contributions, that Biden has taken from the credit card giant. Biden's son landed a job as an executive with the company after the sale and the cementing of Biden's relationship with MBNA. I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more about this house problem.


Jon E. Easter said...

The most powerful three words you put in this post, "resurrects an old story."

Let's resurrect the Keating Five story then where McCain was found not responsible but responsible for displaying "poor judgment." Exactly what you want in a President.

artfuggins said... have your nerve wanting to talk about a house problem...let's talk about McCain who doesn't even know how many homes he owns.

7th CD guy said...

artfuggins has a lot of room to talk about "house problems" have you seen his house? I think AI posted a pic of it a while back.

artfuggins said...

7th cd guy, once again you are so wrong....I dont live in a house...I live in a midrise building and you have no idea where I leave.....but ignorance has never stopped you from making derogatory remarks and this one has about as much basis and most you make....what a jerk!!