Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And Another IMPD Officer Under Investigation

IMPD has suspended officer Anthony Shaun Smith based on allegations he allegedly exchanged sex with a woman in his police cruiser so she could avoid arrest for an outstanding arrest warrant. The officer in question just joined the police force last year. "Once they consciously, intentionally step over the lines of our policies, good judgment and the law, I'm gonna be the first person on this police department to do everything I can to separate them from that badge," Chief Mike Spears said.


Concerned Taxpayer said...

Another officer hired under "Peterson's Plan of Lowering Standards Just So We Can Hire Officers."

7th CD guy said...

Why did he wait 4 days to tell us about the arrest?
What about the other 2 officers who are being recommended for termination?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Probably because people were e-mailing and calling reporters and asking what they knew about it, 7th cd guy.

Justanothercop said...

Thanks again Frank for lowering the standards and doing away with background investigations. Now for some new news:

The current DC of investigations, whose brother just retired after being arrested, has personally selected 5 new officers to be narcotics detectives in the dangerous drug unit of IMPD. The only standard he used was "diversity", meaning black.(Didn't work so well under Frank's watch, but what the hell, lets try it again!) This being the same unit that was recently all over the news because several officers were arrested for felonies involving NARCOTICS! Not only was he allowed to lower standards once again, he totally disregarded the list of qualified officers, who had to complete a hiring process AND PASS A POLYGRAPH! Yes siree boys and girls, the newly selected officers assigned to this elite unit did not have to apply, pass any tests whatsoever, or take a polygraph!

Kinda makes you go HMMMMMMMM!

wiskeler said...

This is out of control..in addition to this guy, there's supposed two more who will be facing charges soon. Where does it stop?

Jason said...

So true, JAC. WOS is that 3 of the officers recently indicted on felonies were also 'hand-picked' to the same unit in the same fashion. So much for cleaning things up, eh? Mr. Newman's busy trying to convince the rank-and-file we should take the streets back, I suggest we take our department back first...

Shofar said...

"Widespread corruption in the Indianapolis Police Department -- including graft and protection for prostitution, narcotics, bootlegging and gambling -- has been uncovered in a six-month investigation by The Indianapolis Star.

"Involvement in corruption by dozens of Indianapolis policemen is not limited to taking money, but has lead some member of the department into criminal activities, the probe showed."

This is a quote from the Indy Star's 1974 Pulitzer Prize-winning series on police corruption in Indianapolis. The paper's investigation was spearheaded by Bill Anderson along with Harley Bierce and Richard Cady.

Since the Indy Star has been bought and paid for by some of the most corrupt politicians in the city, it is incumbent upon the local blogs and citizens to do EVERYTHING possible to bring the current wave of corruption to the light of day.

It also means that Spears, Newman, Brizzi, and Ballard need to face the reality that our police department has been taken over by a group of self-serving individuals that are doing nothing more than feathering their own beds and keeping the killing going.

Until the average citizen decides that enough is enough, and starts to report and document what they see and hear, nothing will change. The Fourth Estate here in Indy is nothing more than a mouth piece for the status quo.

The problems that IMPD are facing also makes this writer wonder if all the corruption that is coming to light is part of the reason that Anderson has wanted control back of the department. Perhaps, he has more to fear than loss of power and face.

Bart Lies said...

Since the past 8 months, there have been 6 or 8 bad apples removed from the ranks, how does this reflect badly on Ballard or Brizzi?

Seems like the new management is getting the old stains removed. I'm sure someone is checking whether any of them were hired since the 1st of the year so they can finger-point the the new Mayor. Even if they were, they're still being cleared out when found to be dirty.

This is good.

Shofar said...

Bart Lies, I hope that you are not taking my comments as an indictment of Ballard and Co. On the contrary, I am fully behind what this administration is doing, and fully support IMPD's GOOD officers, and they are the majority.

As I wrote, "a group of self-serving individuals that are doing nothing more than feathering their own beds" are making the entire department look bad. Ballard and Co. need to go on the offensive in weeding out this bunch, and keeping the lines of communication open to the public.

It may look bad for the department for awhile, but the truth of the matter is, it is better to face some disgrace and humiliation than to have to deal with the reality of a total loss of confidence on the part of the public when it comes to public safety.

The people of Indianapolis had to put up with the disgrace that was Monroe Gray and his ilk for too long and confidence in public safety has been shaken. Ballard, Brizzi, Newman and Spears need to let the public and their officers know that there is a zero tolerance for misconduct, and the rotten eggs will be discovered and tossed.