Monday, August 18, 2008

He's The One

Call him the messiah, the chosen one or even God, the Democrats simply don't get that the American people don't like having a would-be president characterized in such terms. At a political fundraiser in San Francisco yesterday, Nancy Pelosi called Obama "a leader that God has blessed us with at this time." Obama also confidently predicted his win. “I will win. Don’t worry about that,” Obama told the faithful. Yes, you are the one. Bow down to him. Praise the coming of the new king.


Anonymous said...

So, basically Bush can claim to hear voices-- the voice of God anointing him to do God's bidding -- Iraq War etc.. but the DEMS dare not speak God's name at all or be chastized?

I do believe their are people who are pinning way too much hope in Obama, but maybe that's because they have been SO beaten down and disheartened by the GOP and the environment of hate and slash and burn politics practiced by Rove, that ANYONE different would seem worhty of adulation. NOTE the Hillary people's devotion to her and Bill.

You truly are obsessed, Gary. I think the Lady doth protest too much.

M Theory said...

gnwmann...I do think Bush was/is heavily criticized for such thinking. And Bush has proven himself to be ...well, not exactly "Godly".

I have yet to find anything worthwhile that Obama has done to justify this "change" he claims he is capable of creating.

Obama certainly did not rise to the top of Chicago Illinois politics by bucking the system, now did he?

Personally, I don't want my country run by the players that run Chicago. That's a mighty scary thought to me.

And I don't trust a man who wants to be our president, who would present to his country an obviously faked birth certificate.

By the way, back in January and February I was planning to vote for Obama. I started to get very suspicious of him about the time he endorsed Andre Carson.

Covenant60 said...

Obama is pro-abortion. I don't think God would send such a person to lead America.

In any event, an Obama presidency would be constantly distracted by celebrity-worship driven melodrama.

I'll take the old wrinkly guy would would give his right nut to defend Americans any day.

artfuggins said...

The white haired old wrinkly guy is an empty suit who fakes religion but never references his god. He even changed his religions to make election as U.S. Senator easier. He has no conviction to religion. I guess that would make him a false prophet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the old wrikly guy who is so out-of-touch the only answer he could think to give when asked what amount makes a person rich was $5,000,000. I guess if you make $2,000,000 a year, you are considered middle class according to McCain economics. While, at least that explains why McCain can say he is going to give tax breaks to the middle class since his economic and tax policies would give a $500,000 tax credit to only those people making more than $2,500,000 a year juxtaposed to Obama's plan to cut taxes on all persons making under $250,000 a year. Seems like simply math - math I think the American people will start to take notice of in these hard economic times.

Your "God" argument is mere rhetoric and GOP talking points. Electing McCain will further push down everone in the middle class a below. McCain with his 5 or so mansions, $500 shoes and heiress wife is the only elitist in this fight. But, I think Cindy is going to have a hard time buying Exxon John the White House. This is especially true since McCain's previous bid for the White House failed.

Jon E. Easter said...

Again, no true discussion of issues here. That's because the bloggers, Republicans, and John McCain can't talk about issues.

This blog and the McCain campaign are just overstating this pseudo-issue as a centerpiece to their "let's see what sticks" attempt to divert the discussion from the issues. They've run out of wedge issues, so the gloves are off now.

What's next? More discussion of Obama's birth certificate? Perhaps you will go into an in-depth discussion of what was in his trash. I can see it now. "Obama's trash reveals he's a non-citizen. The Weekly World News online edition reports..." GEEZ