Thursday, September 20, 2007

Former Peterson Official Endorses Ballard

The former Public Safety Director for Mayor Bart Peterson, Robert Turner, endorsed GOP mayoral candidate Greg Ballard over his former boss. In a stinging rebuke of Peterson, Turner urged law enforcement and public servants to support Ballard with contributions of time and money. "We still live in America, although there are times when it appears that we are in a third world nation where we become targets for retaliation and punitive job actions when we exercise our constitutional rights, exercise our freedom of speech, dare to disagree with the current administration or support a candidate other than our current administration," Turner said. "I reserve the right to support the candidate of my choice and will freely and openly do so notwithstanding the childish personal attacks as has become the custom of the current city and police administrations!," Turner added.

Reacting to today's announcement, Ballard said, "Mr. Turner served this city with distinction." "I am humbled that such a dedicated public servant would put his name next to mine, I am honored to accept his support and advice," Ballard said. He added, "Robert is well respected among his colleagues and will be invaluable to this campaign now and in the future." "With both the Fraternal Order of Police and Robert Turner's support I hope to work with the Police and Fire Departments not against them."

Some of you may recall that Turner left the Peterson administration frustrated with its lack of commitment to public safety insofar as it was ceding control of law enforcement in the city and county to Sheriff Frank Anderson's office under the law enforcement consolidation ordinance. You may recall at the time Turner told the public Mayor Peterson tried to buy off his dissent with a six-figure job offer to run security for the Indianapolis Airport Authority. Being a man of integrity, Turner rejected the Mayor's offer. Instead, he returned to the ranks of IMPD.


Anonymous said...

Big shit; a republican endorsing a republican.

Anonymous said...

The only thing smelling like "big shit" is 12:56PM's colossal ignorance of Turner.

Democrat Bob Turner, while a Patrol Officer under the regimes of Republican Mayors Lugar and Goldsmith, filed a federal lawsuit against the city and dept alleging discrimination in hiring and promotion of minorities within the ranks. This led to the 1975 Consent decree under which this cities Public Safety entities both police and fire have operated under, since that time.

Mayor Peterson appointed Bob Turner. Turner, upon seeing the lies and graft associated with the police merger, left. A 6 figure salary to shush him with a do-nothing job didnt work. The man has balls that clang when he walks, and he has forged major ties within the community, including the so-called 'black Democratic voting block', both as a police officer and former Public Safety Director.

This is HUGE for Ballard, and not looking good for Peterson.

Anonymous said...

Nope. 2:34 is another Ballard lackey. This means absolutely nothing. The public doesn't know Bob Turner and if they did, they would know two things.

1) He's a republican.
2) He wasn't a very good public safety director, which is why the Mayor threw him out on his ass.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Turner said, "I reserve the right to support the candidate of my choice and will freely and openly do so notwithstanding the childish personal attacks as has become the custom of the current city and police administrations!"

You now see what he was talking about from the anonymous comments from 12:56 and 2:42. These Peterson folks will seek to smear and destroy anyone who speaks out against the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Looks likely there will be protestors outside the democratic fundraiser on October 3rd. They will photograph every person who attends the fundraiser which targeted only minority business owners.Overheard them today at lunchtime. I heard it said they will issue press releases soon.
The questions is will they report any drunks who get behind the wheel and drive.

Anonymous said...

Turner didn't, wouldn't "play ball" with Peterson, and the council stupidity and cronyisim. No wonder he is vilified by their supporters.

No wonder he is just what IMPD and IFD need to bring some sanity back to public safety. And IMPD back to the Mayor's/Public safety Director's office.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous 2:42:

Why don't you get your facts straight. You stated: " 2) He wasn't a very good public safety director, which is why the Mayor threw him out on his ass."

First off, your boy Peterson did not throw Turner out on his ass. He resigned. Secondly, he did do a good job. How do I know he did a good job? Because Bart's Deputy Mayor Campbell said so.

In an interview with Channel 13 on Oct. 6, 2006: Campbell said Turner did a great job and was a police officer first and foremost, but the next public safety director will have more experience with homeland security issues.

Also, In a February 28th resignation letter to Mayor Peterson, Turner wrote, "You and I have a fundamental difference of which effective public safety services may be delivered to our citizens."

But the resignation was pushed aside when the mayor intervened. Weeks later, Turner was offered the airport deal but turned it down. His attorney Ginny Maxwell explained why.

"He didn't understand it was this way or the highway," Maxwell said.

13 Investigates asked Deputy Mayor Campbell: "Some folks say this is was a throw-away job to buy cooperation with this administration. What's your response to that?"

"Absolutely not," Campbell replied. "This was an offer from the mayor from the airport to help out someone who we thought had done a really good job."

So take all that info back your dem buddies and try your spin again!


Anonymous said...

Robert voted D and R during his career, according to him; his politics, frankly, matter not to me.

He held the Public Safety Director's job, which is in itself a throw-away job. It's duplicitous and wasteful. It's another layer of government that's expensive.

I know Bob. He's an honorable man. He had an honest difference of opinion and I respect that. His endorsement may help Ballard--I honestly don't know and don't care. But if it follows the FOP endorsement strategy, it's piddle.

Let's eliminate the PS Director's job. It's never been worth a cup of warm spit anyway. While we're at it, why not elimnnate Barker's job? We have a CEO of law enforcement--the elected sheriff.

And to all who think the merger is somehow going to go away--get over it. It'll never happen. The savings for this merger will only increase as time goes on. Dramatically.

Here's a suggestion for the IndyU anti-merger crowd: consider the bigger picture. Bart will not always be mayor, altho he will win Nov. 6. And Frank's term as sheriff ends soon enough.

Someone else will have a chance to run a streamlined more efficient IMPD. Count on it. And the tough work on putting the two departments together, will already have been done.

Anonymous said...

Considering the Indianapolis Airport Authority is overseen by Mayor McCheese crony, Lacy Johnson, Turner did the right thing.

Bob Turner, a man with integrity. How refreshing!

Anonymous said...

With all respect to 6:08pm how the merger can be deemed a success escapes me. The major savings originally in the merger were due to attrition of police and firemen, reduction of overtime and the elimination of social security for county officers.

So on one hand the mayor says we are saving money by cutting police and on the other hand states we need to hire more police.

The county officers voted overwhelming to keep their social security so now IPD officers can make a case to receive social security due to equity concerns.

As to overtime my guess is that since there are now fewer officers on the street that there is more overtime rather than less.

With respect to equity issues pay scales and benefits will be determined by which ever department has the better salaries or the better benefits. So rather than lowering costs those costs also increase.

By what measure is the merger a success?

Anonymous said...

8:40, the 2007 budget refles a savings of over $2.8 million, perhaps even really need to read before you type the same old drivel.

The savings will increase as duplicate command structures are eliminated. It's still shaking out.

Nobody said anything about fire overtime, or other overtime. Try to focus.

Anonymous said...

5:03, Do you remember the $21 million dollar up-front increase?

How about the fact that those upper management employees you're counting on to be gone, wont be for as long as they draw breath (former MCSD unqualified/untrained political hacks)?

You need to wake up and refocus your rose colored lens.

Anonymous said...

$21 million?

Rose-colored glasses?

Facts, pal. Facts.

Not random posts at IndyU--facts.