Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Pacer In Trouble With The Law

Things still haven't changed with your Indiana Pacers. WXNT is reporting this morning that Pacer Shawne Williams was arrested overnight on charges of marijuana possession. IndyUndercover is reporting that Williams was driving a car with expired, out-of-state license plates around 29th & Martin Luther King Drive and was in possession of a stolen handgun according to police sources. The Star is reporting the stolen handgun belonged to a passenger in Williams' car, and marijuana was said to belong to a second passenger in Williams' car according to police.


Anonymous said...

In other words, Williams was transporting stolen property and dope!!! Can hardly wait until training camp starts up.......

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was irritated when I first opened my daily AI for a read, and I saw the first two headlines. I was irritated because I don't agree with you about the mayor.

Then I realized, the first two posts could easily be mixed for a new headline:

"Pacers Must Think We're Stupid"

And then I felt better.

Memo to Larry Bird: you were a fantastic player. A great coach. And your skills/leadership are apparently not appreciated by today's generation of NBA thugs. So be it. Yeah, I paint wiht a broad brush on this one, ut it's not like we haven't had enough examples of thuggery.

But in this day and age, the Pacers veins flow thick with our blood. We subsidized the team and arena heavily. So we have a high expectation.

I generally want to wait for all tha facts to come in. But the moment they do, unless this Pacer is 100% innocent, he must go. Period. Anything less is capitulation to the values we do not support.

End of rant.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Donnie Walsh is not able to instill leadership values in the street thugs. Walsh should have resigned after his team created the most embarrassing moment ever in the NBA.

He is continuing to foster a team of common street thugs.

Why did the taxpayers of Indianapolis buy a new stadium for the Simon's team? Market Square Arena was a fine facility.

I wish the city would have built a MEGA-JAIL instead of a "fieldhouse"...then the Simons can have a real home for their team!

Anonymous said...

Well, MSA was NOT a fine arena. It had outlived its usefulness. And I'm told that the new arena is profitable. Thankfully.

WRTV just reported that Williams had apparently never, ever had a driver's license.

Stop and think about that. Never, EVER--who in the hell do these people think they are?

The Indiana Pacers: Jim Voyles' best friends, and singly responsible for a wing of his Florida house.

This series of events makes me thank IMPD and other police foficers. Who knew what was in the backseat of a darkened-window SUV, suspicious aroma coming from its front window? It was a gun-toting friend of Williams. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he can become the poster boy for the opponents of Voter ID.

Anonymous said...

I'm an opponent of Rokita's Voter ID, 4:16--what in the hell does that comment mean? It has nothing to do with the post.

Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

"WRTV just reported that Williams had apparently never, ever had a driver's license.

Stop and think about that. Never, EVER--who in the hell do these people think they are?"

You would be astounded at the number of people on the roads at any given time that have never been licensed by the BMV, are currently driving on a suspended license, or are habitual traffic violators (which happens to be a felony). I am not excusing Shawne Williams; anybody that makes the kind of money a professional basketball player makes can afford to obtain a driver's license and to keep the plates on his car up to date. There is simply a large segment of our community that treats BMV licensing requirements as just one more annoyance in life to be avoided. I don't understand that mindset. To operate a motor vehicle without ever having been licensed is a Class C Misdemeanor, an arrestable offense. Who would want to spend every single day of their life knowing that a simple trip to the convenience store to get cigarettes could end up with a detour to the city lockup? Apparently such a threat is not enough of an incentive for some people to get licensed or to stay licensed. By the time you figure in the few hours stay in jail, the fines and court costs (assuming you ever bother to pay them), the towing bill, and the fee for the impound lot it would be a hell of a lot cheaper and simpler to wait the three hours in line at the BMV to get a driver's license. If my 16 year old can pass the test then anybody can.