Friday, September 07, 2007

Tully Takes Another Crack At Ballard

After labeling Greg Ballard's mayoral candidacy a joke a couple of weeks ago, Star political columnist Matt Tully accepted an offer from the Ballard campaign to join him as he walked door to door in an Irvington neighborhood. Tully writes:

The man came to the front door in his boxers, a pair of large barking dogs pushing at the screen. On the other side of the door, Republican mayoral candidate Greg Ballard was trying to say hello and hand over a campaign leaflet. He didn't have time to do much more. The eager dogs brought the conversation to a quick conclusion.

Thus continued the 2007 campaign for mayor, which ends when voters head to the polls in two months. What a strange campaign it's been. Who would have thought the seemingly invincible Mayor Bart Peterson, the man whose popularity scared off a long list of potential opponents earlier this year, would look at least a bit vulnerable?

"I think we're just a little behind," Ballard said. "That's my sense of it. I'm pretty comfortable with where things are."

Most political watchers think Ballard is more than a little behind. But he's the confident sort. Perhaps it's the retired Marine in him. Perhaps it's that he knows many people agree when he says "these are troubled times" for Indianapolis.

Earlier this week, two weeks after I branded his campaign a joke "so far," Ballard invited me to join him as he knocked on doors in Irvington with GOP council candidates Benjamin Hunter and Kent Smith.

For two hours, they heard about crime, taxes and health-care issues. That was to be expected. But when you knock on someone's door, you never know what you're going to get.

Today's column is certainly an improvement over the one two weeks ago, but I do wish someone in the Indianapolis media would make an effort to educate people about who Greg Ballard is. Advance Indiana shared some insight into what the man is about here. Fellow blogger Joh Padgett had a nice interview with him here. We're still waiting on the mainstream media to do its job.


Anonymous said...

I agree. The mainstream herd mentality media has not done its job on this campaign. But they haven't done a good job on a campaign for a long time. Why should this one be any different?

I've read all Ballard's materials. Listened to as much of his stuff as I can. He's engaging and smart.

Although Tully's assessment of Ballard's campaign may be lazy reporting, I think he sort of stumbled into the right conclusion. In spite of himself. This campaign is going nowhere--fast.

I had wanted someone to push Bart to the edge. He needs it.

He's not going to get it this year.

There isn't really sufficient time now to change the direction of the municipal election campaigns. There are some street fights going on in a few council districts, but not many. The public's attention span peaked when Patrice pulled his shenanigans, and now they're off doing other things.

There are some peaks of emotion and attention, but, regretably, it seems to have come from the IndyU crowd and similar corners. They're just not credible to the vas tmajority of Indy residents. Bart already had the power structure marginalized. It's that simple.

When this campaign fizzles, I won't blame Ballard. He's tried. I'll blame Tom John, who, despite being new, needed to field a credible mayoral candidate earlier.

For whatever reason, folks here seem to want a good deal of time to warm up to municipal candidates. That theory doesn't always hold, tho---the more people got to know Goldsmith, the more his ego and personality turned them off.

I think if Ballard had gotten out there one year ago, we might be talking a different story now.

Anonymous said...

The mainstream media in this town, aka the Indy Star only campaigns for the Dems and have since Gannett took over. If you look in Tully's background you'll see he used to cover Kernan in South Bend when he was mayor up there. In other words he's a Dem and liberal journalist who makes his personal feelings known in his writings. If you look at his early coverage of Bart you'll find all he wrote was that our the mayor could do no wrong. To sum it up, if Fred Thompson decided to run for mayor in this city he would get the same treatment Ballard has gotten. The Star knows they are the only game in town and they don't give coverage to anyone they don't support. If you ever heard the phrase "the calm before the storm" I think we are seeing that right now. Only those who support corruption will want to get Bart reelected. As for 7:40, you seem to like to post negative stuff about IndyU all the time. Your true colors are easily seen in your post. Here's a hint for you, if the IndyU crowd is so off base why do they continue to grow in the number of hits on their site? As a matter of fact they along with AI have uncovered a lot of corruptive stuff in Peterson's administration that wouldn't have made print in the Star.

garyj said...

Tully, I know you read this blog
You're not even a reporter, you're a columnist.
Why don't you grow a set of balls and write about some of the crap that Peterson has done in the past 8 years.
What is Peterson giving you for all your BS about Ballard and trying to make Bart look like the almighty?
Get a clue! Why don't YOU go door to door and ask people how much safer they feel? If things are better for them.

You should write for the tabloids. They have a little more credibility than that rag you write for.

Russ said...

Tully has been such a freaking hypocrite lately... he put out that voter's promise thing and talked about how voters were mad about the tax increases, and then the other day in his column badmouthed the people leaving flyers downtown and said that the majority of out-of-towners coming in for the Colts game don't care about our problems. Which side is he on anyway?

Anonymous said...

To all those complaining about The Star leaning Democrat - what about all those Pulliam years when it was a Republican mouthpiece?

Bart Lies said...

So, do I conclude Matt Tully only approached one house with Greg Ballard? Or did they all have barking dogs that made having a conversation impossible?

Or did Matt only select one instance to inject some personal bias into the story?

Bart hasn't been to my door asking for my vote. I don't know that he's been to even a single doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Not complaining its the truth. It's also true that they supported the right whem Pulliam's owned it. How about a paper that doesn't lean to the left or the right? It would be nice, but I don't think it will ever happen.

Anonymous said...

I detest the whole "Bart Lies" thing, but that last post was funny. One porch, one door...a glaringly accurate review of Tully's nonsense.

Matt Tully is a lazy, arrogant columnist. I can tell most of his columns are not researched, but rather, random rantings about whatever pisses him off at the moment. Kinda like IndyU.

Columnists tend to write about their personal bias. It's natural. I don't mind, if it's disclsoed, fairly evident or balanced with opposing views once in a while. For instance, I rarely expect George Will and I to agree. But his writings make me think.

As for the paper's editorial leaning, I'd call it middle-of-the-road. Their advocacy for non-political things is refreshing. The Pullilams raped this town for decades, and had an editorial stance to the right of Atilla the Hun.

I'm an avid blog reader, 8:42, and I know this much: the number of "hits" a site gets is not necessarily directly related to its popularity. And certainly not related to its literacy or accuracy. Some of the best, most-accurate blogs aren't well-read. By some standards, anyway. That does not make them less informative or accurate. Just as more hits does not make IndyU accurate or informative.

That's why I read many papers and blogs. To sift out what I think it relevant and important. I have to do very little sifting on this blog. Don't always agree, but it makes me think. And it is well-written.

IndyU just rants. Not much constructive over there.

The IndyU crowd, for the most part, are just too damned shrill for me most of the time. I do sift out some gems, but it's a lot of work. Besides, I've talked to and/or know many LEOs. Their political leanings are all over the place, and they almost uniformly tell me IndyU is now credible.

An unscientific poll, yes, but...they're right about a lot of other things in this town, so I trust 'em.

Anonymous said...

Tully has gone to excessive lengths to protect the Democrat establishment here.

He roasted Bob Parker (though Bob brought it upon himself) even before anything happened.

Now he's sabotaging the Ballard campaign. He sabotaged the Dickerson campaign and only afterwards admitted that Julia Carson isn't up to snuff.

Anonymous said...

I like it that Peterson tools like Tully under-estimate Ballard. Tully is just one of the ass-kissers Peterson uses to insulate himself from the truth. That keeps Peterson thinking he's bullet-proof.

Remember Tully finally cracked on the truth about Julia Carson the day AFTER the election and look what an embarassment that woman has been to Indiana since she started this last term.

Tully is a tool. I don't take him seriously, even when he gets it right.

BrianHowey is a better political analyst and is far more respected.

Anonymous said...

Where is Matt Tully's wife employed? Maybe she has one of those patronage jobs with the Democraps.

Anonymous said...

Who reads what Tully writes? It's most certainly not Johnny and Janie Lunchbucket. They don't read the rags, they watch TV and when they do watch TV they sure as hell don't watch CCC meetings on cable.

They do watch their paychecks, they also read their property tax bills and they sure as hell know when a crime has been committed in their neighborhood.

In the end Tully is a non-factor to most and only relevant to a diminishing few who still read a newspaper.

Johnny and Janie Lunchbucket will decide if they want Peterson to be their Mayor for another 4 years when they go to the polls in November. If they want a change, any change then they'll vote it. They will have made up their minds having never even heard of a guy named Tully.

The Governor's moratorium on paying the increased property tax was the greatest gift the Peterson campaign could have ever received. For the Lunchbuckets, they don't have to shell out their cash until after the election and they are happy for now. That even made their income tax increase taste better....for a short while.

In the end, Indianapolis voters will get the goverment it deserves.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1054,
As I stated in my earlier post, your colors are easily seen in your posts. As someone who claims to be an avid reader of blogs and print if you digestedany of what you have read about our great mayor you would know that he's not been truthful. Mayor Peterson's arogant attitude and and his backdoor politics have created blogs like IndyU and BartLies. Both of those blogs have posted alot of credible documents that have shown the mayors ugly deeds. Then again most who want corruption in their government will shun that type of information.

Anonymous said...

OK, 1:43, I've had it with this crap:

Post a link to ONE document posted on IndyU or Bart Lies which demonstrates that the mayor lied. And by "lie," I don't mean something you disagree with. Use Webster's if you need the definition of lies.

He is not perfect. I disagree with his views often. But lies? Come on. You are losing credibility.

Post one document link. I'll be waiting.

Otherwise, it's just blognoise.

Anonymous said...

The mayor said in a press conference (press release linked from city website) that I owned two illegal adult businesses.

The city attorney admitted to the press and to the judge that neither of my businesses were defined as "adult". That would constitute a lie. One that caused me great personal hardship and hardship on those closest to me.

At that point I knew I had a liar on my hands and that is when I started to investigate what else he lies about.

Read his campaign promises. How many did he pledge to do for us? How many did he keep?

garyj said...

Post a link to ONE document posted on IndyU or Bart Lies which demonstrates that the mayor lied. And by "lie," I don't mean something you disagree with. Use Webster's if you need the definition of lies.

He is not perfect. I disagree with his views often. But lies? Come on. You are losing credibility.

Post one document link. I'll be waiting.

Otherwise, it's just blognoise.

He stated the he OPPESES consolidating IPD nad MCSD.
Then he does it, claiming it will save money.
He will also help cut property taxes.
Have you read any of his B.S. plans?
If you had, you'd see all the LIES that Bart tells.

Now, grow a set of manhood and show yourself, you bart-Boy!!!

garyj said...

here's your link. anonymousissy.351..

Now, quit whining and crying ANONYMOUSLY about how unhappy you are with all the "crap".
BART LIES!!!!! and we can PROVE IT!!!!
Show yourself or shut your hole.
Even Wilson doesn't try to hide.
Standing up, openly, for what he believes, gives him credibility.
Why are you so scared?????

Anonymous said...

Gary: it's all about civility. Throwing around loose adjectives like "liar" is irresponsible.

I read it. It's not a lie. I'm sure the Mayor and Sheriff wish the circumstances put forth in that document were still true. But they are not, and the consolidation came about as a result of the shifting landscape.

FYI, a lie, according to, is:

"a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth."

What you cited is either an unfulfilled campaign objective, or a solid statement believed at the time, with no malice intended. If the Mayor deliberately put his belief in the document, knowing full-well he could not fulfill it, then, Gary, it becomes a lie.

Get familiar with the language before you throw around harmful words.

For instance, if I called you a filthy scumbag because we disagree, it'd be ridiculous. Our disagreement may be strong, but resorting to adjectives which don't accurately describe the situation, is not helpful.

Next "lie" ?

By the way, the reason for anonymous posting would floor you, but it is required, and no, I don't work for the mayor. Far from it. I do know him, and respect him. I also respect Mr. Ballard. I haven't heard either of them resort to the kind of ridiculous adjectives you use so loosely. They tend to stick to facts. Which leaves room for a civil disagreement, and is very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Peterson KNEW consolidation would NOT save money!
Other cities in this country proved that to him. Yet, he still insisted that it would.
Therefore he lied!

He knows he is lying, that is why he will NOT answer to the people in this city.
They want results, not lips service.

garyj said...

OK, Anonymous721..
Peterson Plan II, pg.5.
Mass transit Plan of action..He knew it would never get anywhere.

pg.10.. where is all this "talent" Seems to be LEAVING our city, not coming to it.

Pg. 12.. our workforce is shrinking. All the jobs are leaving due to higher taxes.

pg. 16.. "superportal"??? Still have to jump through several internet hoops to find what is needed from the city.

pg. 17.. Bart has driven the small retail business out of business by his "tax and spend" philosophy.

pg.25.. "ensure youth ahve a strong voice in City Governmnet"
He doesn't even listen to the voters, why should he listen to those who are not old enough to vote?

pg. 27. affordablke housing??? In Indy? Where????

pg. 29.. end homelessness..
There are more homeless now than there was 8 years ago.

pg.34 reduce the number of abondoned houses. There are MORE now than 8 years ago.

pg. 38 Property Tax relief..
We all know where that went, don't we?

pg. 40 Make law enforcement more effective.. IMPD is a less effective department hat when we had 2 different departments. This was caused by the consolidation that he opposes on pg. 49.

pg. 52..Investigate Adopting an Emergency Telephone Notification System.. Where is this program at now??

pg. 54.. promote financial literacy... More forclosures than ever before.

pg. 57.. enhance quality of life for senoirs... Ask the senoirs in the Butler tarkington are about how successful that was.

pg. 59.. Indianapolis to be a healthier city... Indy ranks high on the "obesity" list.

pg. 63.. promote diversity and race relations. How many white people go to Black expo? Very Few. Know why? White people are not welcome there. Yet, straight people are welcome at the Gay Parade.

Thats only from Peterson Plan II.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt..
He actually PLANNED on all this happening, so he didn't lie.
He did FAIL..
So, I'll take back the Bart Lied statement if you'll state that Bart Fail us as a mayor.
If not, he knew all this was NOT true and intended to decieve the people in order to get elected.

BTW, you can e mail me
I have never told anyones identity and never will.
I understand the need for anonymity for some people, like cops and FFs.. many of them ave e mailed me, and even met with me, their names are still a secret.
I don't hide because i don't care if they know who i am.

garyj said...

and, yes, I know my typing sucks.
I've been told several times.
Maybe i should "drink and type" i might do better then.

Anonymous said...

First, Bart Peterson has gone door to door in lots of neigbhorhoods...obviously no city candidate is going to EVERY door in the city so to conclude that since he hasnt been to your door that he isnt going door to door is lame. Secondly, it is not the job of the Star or any other media outlet to promote the candidacy of Ballard. It is up to his backers and his campaign treasury. I do think you are right in that Tom John failed to get a credible candidate and now it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Tom John failed Ballard!
Tom is NOT helping Ballard in any way!
Tom WANTS Bart to win.

Anonymous said...

You want to know where else Bart has lied? Watch his latest commercial where he says "WE" banded together to get the state to do reassessments. Liar! Mitch did it, Bart first said he 65% tax increase was to *help* with the property tax problem, THEN when the governor stepped in and said what he was going to do ALL OF A SUDDEN Bart says the money is going to be used for 100 new police. Bart DOES lie. Period. This guy has NO CLUE as to what the people are going through.

Anonymous said...

I would say the whole speech he gave the first time around when he talked about city's avoiding the 'death spiral' of raising taxes could be considered by some to be a lie, but I think it's more hypocrisy.

He comes across sometimes as too much of an idiot to be able to outright lie, but come on. 200 more police officers without raising taxes? By soaking up housing, the park rangers, and whoever else he could get his hands on they were above 200 for about 5 minutes before attrition kicked in.

How about the ride along he did with the East District guy when he was campaigning and he said that if he were elected police would never have to work part time ever again? Don't forget the FOP endorsed him the first time he ran if I'm not mistaken. Gosh I wonder why they hate him so much now. Could it be... LIES?! People wonder why most of the cops in this city despise Peterson, it's because of all the hollow promises he's made over the years. Retro pay anyone? Not consolidating anyone? Updating the radio system anyone? Updating equipment anyone? Copter in the air 24 hours a day anyone? Hello? Just off the top of my head he's 0 for 5 so far.

Bart Lies said...

not a 'lie', 'hypocrisy'.

Woo, that's some high quality spin-doctoring there.

Anonymous said...

Whether you agree witht he policies of Bart Peterson or not, the name calling by some of the local pols are backfiring. Even votes who disagree with him, see him a decent family man. All of this "Bart Lies" and "Fart Peterson" turns off a lot of people. Use facts to express your disagreement but name calling and gutter talk only backfires.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of people saying the Republican party did not field a credible candidate. Greg Ballard is a credible candidate. You only need talk with him and listen for a short time to figure that out. The real problem with his campaign is that the people in his own party who could help him the most will not support him, either because they are already in bed with Peterson or because they didn't have the guts to run themselves and now won't help the person that did. Ballard's integrity and desire to improve the city rather than to think only of himself sets him apart from anyone else in the political machine. He truly wants to make a difference and make Indianapolis a better city. If he doesn't win in November, it won't be for lack of trying on his part. mam0206

Anonymous said...

Anon 351,
Why don't you check out IndyU for May of this year. There was an email that was released by the IMPD Personnel Office showing the department was down 120 officers. Mayor Peterson came out publicly and said they were only down 9. Now I don't claim to be a mathematician, but I do know that 9 is less than 120. That is fact not blognoise. If the mayor didn't lie on this one, then what do you call it, a misunderstanding? I guess it boils down to what your definition of "lie" is doesn't it? Kind of like a president who came out on national tv and said he didn't have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinski. One could say that he didn't lie because he said Ms. Lewinski, not Monica Lewinski. Now I don't want to go off into that arena but, I use it only for an example. I can think of a lot more examples reference our mayor, but I think this one is enough for now. The bottom line is that a lie is a lie, and failure to admit that you lied only digs you into a deeper hole.

garyj said...

And I don't recall anyone say that Bart Peterson IS NOT a decent family man.
I'm sure he is a great husband and excellent father. He is in a position to provide for his family what others cannot. He was in that position before becoming mayor.
I would not argue the fact that Peterson is a good family man, but he IS A LOUSY MAYOR