Monday, September 24, 2007

Bayh Gives It Up For Hillary In Bid For VP Slot

Laying aside the fact that Hillary Clinton is one of the least popular politicians in Indiana, Sen. Evan Bayh has put his proverbial finger to the wind and decided she will win the 2008 presidential nomination. Ergo, Bayh endorses Clinton in hopes she will look favorably upon him when making her choice of a running mate next year. The Star's Maureen Groppe has the scoop on Bayh's expected announcement:

Sen. Evan Bayh today will endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton, a former rival campaigning for the Democratic nomination for president, The Washington Post and
The Associated Press reported Sunday.

Clinton's presidential campaign said late Sunday that it would receive a national endorsement at 1 p.m. today but didn't say from whom.

Bayh spokesman Jonathan Swain said he could not confirm that Bayh will be making an announcement today.

Joe Hogsett, head of Clinton's Indiana campaign and a former top aide to Bayh, said any endorsement should not be seen as a sign that Bayh is seeking the vice presidential nod. "I don't think you can equate an early endorsement with political motivations," he said.

The Post attributed the announcement to "several sources briefed on the decision."

Bayh prepared extensively for his own presidential bid before deciding in December not to run.

Bayh said the odds were too long given the candidacies of Clinton, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards.

But Bayh did not rule out being a vice presidential candidate.

Bayh and Clinton serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Both traveled together to Iraq in January.

The Clintons have known Bayh at least since Bayh and Bill Clinton were Democratic governors of conservative states.

Bayh and the Clintons are also both active in the Democratic Leadership
Council, a group of moderate Democrats that Bill Clinton led to steer the party away from its liberal wing.

Assuming Clinton wins the nomination, which would be music to the ears of Republicans, Bayh would bring absolutely nothing to a Clinton ticket. It could, however, severely tarnish Bayh's image among Hoosier voters. It would figure Clinton would choose Bayh only if she wanted a loyal suit who she would never have to fear overshadowing her. Frankly, I've never understood how any person with integrity would support either Bill or Hillary Clinton. There is nothing these two won't do or haven't done to get what they want politically. They could give a damn less about anything but furthering their own political careers. If Bayh wants to take on the Clinton baggage, let him have at it.


Jeff Newman said...

Had to chuckle at "I don't think you can equate an early endorsement with political motivations."

What has Evan Bayh ever done or said that hasn't been filtered through political motivations?

Anonymous said...

What a gutsy about a risk taker or bold action. which ever way the wind is blowing, you will find evan.

Anonymous said...

Step-away-from-the-Dem-hate, Gary.

These observations from a strong Dem who thinks it's ours to lose in 2008, by a long damned shot:

Hillary: ambition in a (female pant) suit. Still, the single-most talented person in the race, on either side. Smart. And while her philandering husband may have disgraced his office, she did not. She deserves a chance.

Evan: Ambitious, yes, but he was a good governor. He and I disagree on much. But I know him--and this endorsement is not trolling for the VP slot. Frankly, I don't know why he's doing it--kinda leaves me limp.

Indiana Dems: not sycophants. Evan's endorsement means something to many of us, but the race will be over by the time our primary arrives. I'm backing Obama, but if Hillary gets the nomination, she'll win easily in the fall.

Because that hopeless band of ranting loons on your side is sorry. It's like a freak sideshow.

Which, I'm sorry to say, is exactly what you get when you win elections by pandering to the extreme elements in your aprty and our society. Every chicken comes home to roost sometime.

And I'm also hoping my side learns from the last few years, doesn't gloat, and governs better than the incumbents. It's a big wish, but a guy can dream, can't he?

Anonymous said...

"Ambitious, yes, but he was a good governor."

Can you please share with us any accomplishments he achieved during his 8 years as governor which have had a lasting impact on our state?

Anonymous said...

"Can you please share with us any accomplishments he achieved during his 8 years as governor which have had a lasting impact on our state?"

Other than debt, debt, and more debt.

Sir Hailstone said...

Anon 8:24 - I disagree with your opinion on the Veep spot. I am fairly certain Little Birch is vying for the Veep selection. And very well could get it. Assuming Hillary gets the Dems nod, the running mate will NOT be Barack Hussein Obama. Hillary might try John Edwards again, pick Bill Richardson (he was Energy secretary under her first two Presidential terms as I recall) or someone from the Left Coast. Wherever Hillary is weakest, that's where she'll pick a Veep to help out the ticket. Hillary can fake herself as a New Yorker and a Southerner considering her carpetbagger experience, and the People's Republic of Illinois will come through for her. She won't carry Indiana with or without Little Birch and she won't win against Fred in 2008.

Wilson46201 said...

Fred Thompson? The dude with a worse memory than Alberto Gonzalez?

Anonymous Nobody said...

You of all people should not be going on about memory. Did you find the little girl that ate Julia's food?

Wilson46201 said...

...and you even forgot to sign your snide crack! Well, maybe you were just too shamed to put your name to it?

Anonymous said...

Or you are too ashamed to answer the question ?

Pike Voter

Jason said...

That was a pretty weird rant she went on that time. It would have been funny had she not been a congresswoman. How embarassing!

Anonymous said...

Is Bayh really what Indiana thought he would be? Where is that moderate guy he promised he would be? If this isnt enough to open the eyes of the votres of this state, nothing will, and this "favorite son" will indeed by untouchable and entrenched forever.

Anonymous said...

Evan Bayh voted against giving our soldiers in Iraq sufficient rest time before returning to Iraq...he should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

7:23, cite your source and the exact vote, please. I am certian you're mistaken.

Sen. Bayh fought hard, and alone for a long time, to get proper armor to our soldiers. You know-- the ones W sent to war without enough food or body armor or vehicle armor. All to prop up his testosterone dreams.

As for Sen. Bayh's lasting contributions to the state--I'm not sure who said "debt," but they're obviously fact-challenged.

Evan has made a choice. I don't think it'll affect many in this state one way or another. He's entitled.

It's amazing how folks find fault with a successful statewide Democrat, who is smarter asleep than Brian Bosma is awake.

ProCynic said...

Anon 8:24,

Hillary may be the only Dem candidate who is borderline unelectable. Almost half the country say they won't even consider voting for her. Of course, if the GOP is stupid enough to nominate someone other than Rudy or Fred -- meaning they once again fail to repudiate the Jerry Falwell wing that much of the country finds so odious -- that could change.

Bayh wasn't bad for the state as governor, but he won't help Hillary here. She cannot win this state. Period. She needs a VP who can help her pick up a state. Hillary would drag down Bayh and possibly cost the Dems a Senate seat.

And while Bayh himself wasn't bad for the state, O'Bannon/Kernan was an absolute disaster. Incompetent, corruption not seen in Indiana state government in a quarter century, sycophants telling them it was OK to run as ol' granddad and not change a thing and pandering to the worst instincts of this state that continue to drive away young, educated people that every state needs.

Mitch is not perfect, but he's probably the last chance this state has to stop its spiral toward becoming the Mississippi of the North.

Anonymous said...

Evan Bayh and Hillary Clinton have two things in common. Every calculated move in politics is self-serving. Evan ddin't give a damn about the people in Indiana as governor and he certainly doesn't give a damn about us now that he is a U.S. Senator.

For any governor to close the state's mental hospital, Central State and leave helpless citizens to live on the streets homeless is a crime. Now we are complaining about the homeless.

He didn't care about the least of these in our state, but he certainly cares about the corporate money bags. Whoever said the Republicans have all of the money is liar.

These so called moderate Democrats pander to uninformed poor people and minorities while lining their own pockets with the gold and silver.

They are known for sponsoring too many social programs that don't work or improve their living conditions at the taxpayers expense. Spend and tax Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Evan Bayh voted against giving our soldiers in Iraq sufficient rest time before returning to Iraq...he should be ashamed.

So was the Secretary of Defense, as well as the President.