Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Voters Favor Property Tax Repeal

WISH-TV's latest poll shows widespread popular support in the state of Indiana for repealing the property tax. By a margin of 55%-40%, Hoosiers agree property taxes should be repealed. They are undecided, however, about how to replace those revenues. The largest number, 38%, chose gaming revenues. Over a quarter favored the sales tax, while only 14% would reinstate the business inventory tax. Only 6% favored a local income tax to replace the property tax. About a tenth said services should be cut. Click here for the entire poll results.


Anonymous said...

wilson-- where those pictures you took of Andre` at the CC meeting? Who did you pay off to get the camera in? Thought that was against CCB policy!
Guess some people get away with whatever they want.

Anonymous said...

816 - WHO CARES. I am so done with this idiot. Stay on the topic!

Anonymous said...

830.. you must care. You replied.
As an aside. I thinks we should get rid of propetty tackses. I could have mo money to buy my kids some shooze.

Anonymous said...

ON, Not me! I love my property taxes/ Bart Peterson told me that taxes are good for the economy!

Anonymous said...

The poll demonstrates the perilous problem:

Hate property taxes, can't agree on a replacement.

ANY replacement should include rigorous spending cuts. But even if you cut all government budgets in half, we'd still need to raise several billion a year in taxes. How to do it?

I favor sales taxes, my neighbor favors income taxes because she's retired and on a fix income.

And you know what? We both could be right, and the mayor isn't wrong or right. Campaign seasons tend to bring out the bitter divisiveness in all of us...soon, this election will be history, and broad tax fixes can be viewed in their proper context.

I can't wait.

Doug said...

The replacement percentages reported by WISH-TV were percentages of the 55% who favored property tax repeal. So, by my math, you have

40% favoring keeping property taxes.
20.9% - replace the property tax with gambling revenues.
14.85% - replace the property tax by increasing the sales tax.
7.7% - replace the property tax by reinstating the business inventory tax.
4.95% - eliminate the property taxes through cutting state services.
3.3% - replace the property tax with local option income taxes.