Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Doctor Feel Good's Offices Raided By DEA Agents

An I-Team 8 investigation into allegations that an Indianapolis doctor with offices on the city's eastside and Greensburg had been over-subscribing pain killers to his patients has resulted in action being taken by the feds. According to WISH-TV, Dr. Elmer Manalo's offices and Indianapolis home were raided by DEA agents today. The feds also temporarily suspended Manalo's ability to write prescriptions according to the report. Too bad the feds didn't conduct similar raids on Indianapolis' pea shake houses before local law enforcement raided them and charged a handful of operators with minor criminal offenses.


Anonymous said...

I saw them pull up outthere.
Good Job Cumberland PD

Anonymous said...

Gary, here's the deal with the Feds regarding the Indianapolis illegal numbers racketeering syndicate, aka "pea shakes".

The Feds view that completely shutting down the inner city black numbers racket would act as a catalyst that would cause enormous civil unrest and possibly a riot in the black community.

Case in point, the 1967 Detroit Riots were caused by a multitude of racial problems but the one event that set that entire tragedy in motion was the police raid on a "blind pig". A "blind pig" is essentially a tavern, bar or club operating without a license or other required permits. There were many such "blind pigs" throughout the Detroit black community and they were all illegal. They were also considered a part of the black culture in Detroit much like the numbers racket here in Indianapolis.

The Feds stay completely out of the illegal numbers racket in Indianapolis because they understand that the "pea shake" operations are the equivalent of a '67 Detroit "blind pig". The Feds understand that the black syndicate that runs these illegal operations has considerable control over the black community here. In short, the black syndicate can effectively incite a riot if these operations are permanently shut down.

So you and others, including myself, will just need to live with the fact that these operations will never go away. Of course there will be a bust now and then but nothing major will come of it. Sad, but the Feds have absolutely no intention of closing the racket down. Sure, they've done a very complete investigation but it stopped with that.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad this quack is being shut down finally. I was referred to him by a family member after an accident and death of my husband. I was prescribed hydrocodone and xanax(sp?), due to pain and depression. But after about 8 months of seeing how his office was ran, who he had working for him, and him being up to 3 hours late for EVERY appt i ever had with him--I KNEW something just wasnt right. Some of the people that came in there seemed so out of it, but i never suspected. The office i went to was on Emerson, and it really looked legit from the outside, inside, however was a different matter, but when i asked about it, they had the excuse that they had just moved in and were still getting things situated.
I had insurance, so i didnt have to pay that high dollar cash price that i have heard about-but when i would pay my copay-i would see the receptionist put the cash in her pocket, when i questioned her, she said they didnt have a cash register yet. But they did give receipts, so i figured it was legit. The 7th month of going, i mentioned that i was feeling a bit better( depression wise) and the pain in my back was a bit better due to some physical therapy, and that i wanted to get off all the meds, SO the next month, i told the so called nurse(well she took blood pressure-weight and info-not sure of her creditials now) that i wanted to spend some time talking to the Dr about coming off these meds, she informed me he was running 3 hours late and wouldnt be able to spend much time with me, and sure enough, he said NEXT month we would come up with a plan. OMG--i thought this isnt right. So i weaned myself off of them by taking less and less of them that month and the next.
I dont care how bad things get in the future--i will never let myself be put back on that mixture of meds again. I really feel sorry for the people that are addicted to that crap and will do god knows what now to get them, all because of this Dr.

Anonymous said...

And today he is back in business on E. Washington St., with a crowd in the parking lot