Thursday, September 13, 2007

Haith Accuses Gibson Prosecutor Of Playing Politics

Councilor Ron Gibson (D) will face charges of shoving a police officer, public intoxication and disorderly conduct at a trial set for October 18 on the eve of this year's municipal election in which Gibson is a candidate for re-election as an at-large CCC member. Gibson's attorney, who is also counsel for the CCC, accused special prosecutor Barry Brown of engaging in politics. The Star's Jon Murray writes, "His attorney asked a special judge Wednesday to schedule a trial by jury on three misdemeanor charges as soon as possible, calling delays by a special prosecutor 'politically motivated.'" Brown responded to Haith's charge by saying that "any delays have been procedural, pointing out that he is a Democrat and lives in Bloomington, away from Marion County politics."

The events of Gibson's criminal case stem from an incident outside the nightclub Blu during last year's Black Expo event. It seems to me that Brown would have been doing both Gibson and the Democratic Party a favor if the trial had been delayed until after the November election. With the earlier date requested by Haith, the case will be drawing attention at a time local Democrats would much rather see other issues related to the campaign in the news.

On another note, please observe how the Star went out of its way today to bury Greg Ballard's plan to reform local government in Marion County in the Metro/State section. So much for helping the voters make informed decisions this November. The editorial writers have already formed their opinion that Peterson deserves to be re-elected so they will make sure you learn as little about Ballard as possible between now and November--at least on a matter that might make you inclined to vote for him.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter that the Star buried the story,that's a given. What matters is that the Peterson owned Marion County Republican Party isn't supporting Ballard's campaign financially!

Anonymous said...

Ron Gibson will win re-election.

But he will have to stand trial. That Aaron Haith is his attorney is disgraceful, for the council and for Aaron and Ron.

I have read the newspaper articles, even read the probable cause affadavit. The state's case is solid. But can Aaron convince one juror that this was a gigantic misunderstanding?

Sadly, yes, probably.

Anonymous said...

It was front and center on for what its worth

Wilson46201 said...

Indianapolis Star, 9:26 AM September 13, 2007

Ballard's campaign manager quits

By Matthew Tully

Less than two months before Election Day, Republican mayoral candidate Greg Ballard has lost his campaign manager. Laura Miller, a state employee who has guided the struggling campaign until now, is out, Marion County Republican Party Chairman Tom John confirmed this morning.

"It was killing her to split time between the two jobs," John said.
John said Miller initially planned to take a leave of absence from her state job in the final weeks of the campaign but decided "it didn't seem to be a realistic thing to do." She will be replaced by her deputy, Indianapolis lawyer John Cochran.
"He's talented," John said. "I think it will be nearly seamless transition."

Anonymous said...

Haith is a hack attorney. Has he ever even won a case?

Anonymous said...

Who is Peterson's campaign manager? One of the city employees?

Wilson46201 said...

Bart has several paid fulltime campaign workers on staff plus volunteers at 603 E Washington -- winners dont run jakeleg operations headed by a moonlighting employee.

Anonymous said... "winners" use public employees (Steve Campbell) to respond to questions from the media regarding campaign commericials?

Abdul (who NEVER lies) said Steve Campbell emailed him about Peterson's latest batch of campaign koolaid.

Wilson46201 said...

just in from Norm Cox's blog

Ballard To Plan B

Republican mayoral candidate Greg Ballard’s campaign suffered a setback today, although, given his almost complete lack of success so far, it might be hard to detect. His campaign manager, Laura Miller, resigned to go back to her fulltime job at the state Family and Social Services Administration, where she runs the Head Start program.

A Ballard aide says Miller was working parttime on leave from FSSA. But FSSA rescinded her leave, so she had to make a choice. No dummy, she picked the job that will keep her employed past November 6th.

But this raises a couple of questions. One, shouldn’t Ballard have arranged in writing that his top campaign executive would be available until the election? Two, and this is the bigger one, since Miller’s ultimate boss at FSSA is Governor Mitch Daniels, wouldn’t you think Daniels might have pulled some strings to make sure his fellow Republican would mount a credible campaign for the top job in the state’s biggest city?

As I said, the Ballard campaign hasn’t been a textbook for political science students so far. But losing his top executive less than two months before the election certainly isn’t going to be the spark that sends him to a come-from-behind win.

Bart Lies said...

So a 'winner' is whomever has the most money and can coast to the finish line. A 'loser', it follows, is someone that works hard, puts up a solid fight to the finish and suffers a few lumps along the way.

Interesting philosophy from dem ol' rats...

Anonymous said...

Bart Lies, please don't play into Wilson's hands...he's not worthy.

However, on this one he's more right than wrong. Bart has had sufficient resources to hire good campaign staff. Ballard did not.

My question about Ballard's miscue is: why didn't he know this about his manager? It demonstrates collosal lack of administartive leadership, not something I'd want to see in a mayor. It's a pretty basic question to ask a manager:
"Can you stay until Nov. 6?"

She might have wanted, uh, paid...perrish the thought.

Original post topic: Ron Gibson. A troubled man trapped in a straight's a very, very dangerous slope on which he slides. When it crashes, it often crashes louder than you'd think. Often, collateral damage is severe. Sadly.

Maybe council service isn't his best option to spend his time right now. His personal life is full of, uh--troubles. Why not conquer those, however it comes out, and then tackle public service?

It's difficult to solve those kinds of issues in a fishbowl.

Read his council profile page on Classic diversion tactics. "Nothin wrong with me--oh, look over there--I'm religious--God will take care of me." Very, very sad.

And, for the record--why would anyone be surprised at anything Aaron Haith did or said? He's a pathetic loser.

Bart Lies said...

It's curious how switching campaign managers has automatically been labelled a 'bad thing.'

Perhaps this is a good thing, that the exiting manager was just too frazzled, too inexperienced, too out-of-her-league to cut it, and now the campaign will really start to cook.

Perhaps John Cochran has both great new ideas and better connections to the money and talent needed to finish strong and on top.

Perhaps this is the start of something great. Whatever it is, it certainly is not a defeat. It's a change.

'anybody who is not afraid to fail is a winner... a winner is someone who goes out their everyday and exhausts him/herself trying to get something accomplished'

-- Joe Torre on Winning

Anonymous said...

I can never figure out why they equate winning with money. Don't they get that marion county GOP is totally in bed naked with Peterson? 8th grader could figure that one out.

Anonymous said...

Hell I'd quit too knowing that Tom John and his party aren't behind their candidate. What's the point?

Anonymous said...

The reason the big shot republicans support Bart is because Bart is big on spending and they are the recipiants of his generosity. All the rich get richer with Bart. If Ballard gets elected he is going to cut government and they don't like that.

Anonymous said...

Gregs new campaign manager is one sharp and capable individual who is very devoted and will run his campaign well. Welcome aboard John and wishing you the best.

Anonymous said...

I know John Cochran, pretty well. He's smart, friendly, and has almost no experience in such efforts.

And no, B.L., it is NOT a good thing to change campaign managers less than 60 days before an election. If you think it is, you doubtless think there's an equal sign between Al Queda and Iraq. Absent a death in the family, or illness, a manager needs to stay on. If leadership responsibilities need to change, perhaps the manager can become a "coordinator" or something. But you just don't dump one and bring on another.

It is an abject sign that the campaign is in deep trouble. Political Campaigns 101...not even worthy of debate.

I'm not happpy about it, mind you...a healthy debate and two well-run campaigns is good for the city. For way too long, we didn't have that. And look at the mess they left: hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and almost half a billion in deferred obligations--pensions, CSO, jail overcrowding...a city without a viable and loyal opposition, over that kind of time, is a bad thing.

My fellow Democrats don't necessarily agree with me, but I sincerely hope Mr. Cochran does a good job. I'm pretty sure the die is cast, though.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Haith accusing anybody of playing politics? That's the pot calling the kettle...oh, never mind. You get the point.

I remember the old days when Haith was a public defender in Criminal Court Two. For a while the P.D.'s in there had a nice little scam going; the sitting judge would appoint one of his public defenders to sit pro-tem (this was in the days before the Public Defenders Office as we know it now) on the day another one of the P.D.'s had a court trial scheduled. The poor deputy prosecutor would find himself going up against one P.D. at the defense table and another one on the bench. And you know what the best part was? Later that week the two P.D.'s would trade places, with the former pro tem now representing some other thug and the one that tried the earlier case would now be on the bench. Talk about getting tag-teamed! The Bruiser and the Crusher never had it that good. Needless to say a lot of court trials ended up in acquittals until the state got smart and stopped waiving jury trials in that court. Too bad they put an end to that practice before old Aaron caught all those drunk driving arrests. He might have gotten lucky and found one of his old buddies on the bench. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that he gives legal advice to our City County Council.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, 9:37--who was the presiding judge in that court?

But, since you've attacked an appointed African-American official, put up your Wilson Shield. Just warning ya.

Facts make no difference. He'll slam in here, cry foul, smear some ladies named Darla and Jocelyn, rail on about Eric Dickerson's campaign RV not having current plates, and move on.

And completely ignore the point of your post.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Haith a convicted criminal? I believe he received disciplinary action from the supreme court for his criminal convictions.

It's amazing that they let him continue to practice law....

Anonymous said...


Gibson's attorney, who is also counsel for the CCC.

Should a city or city county attorney be representing a council person for criminal reasons not related to city business?

Anonymous said...

What? No comments from the dumpster diver and Julia Carson's paid mouth piece on Aaron Haith and Ron Gibson's charges?

Come on Wilson Allen, give us all the scoop on these two!

Wilson46201 said...

Of course, that above anonymous nobody (Jocelyn Tandy) knows full well I am not Julia Carson's paid mouthpiece. Why are you so obsessed? Why are you such a liar?