Saturday, September 29, 2007

Peterson Vows To End Sexual Discrimination In Fire Department

After settling a costly lawsuit brought by a long-time, female firefighter, Mayor Peterson is vowing to end sexual discrimination at the Indianapolis Fire Department. "It's past time for a new attitude in the Fire Department," Peterson told the Star Friday in an interview. "Clearly there were limitations on promotions and discrimination (within the Fire Department)," said Peterson, who is running for re-election this year."We've worked for decades in this city to eradicate that (discrimination). To suggest it's been eradicated completely is belied by the facts of this case, which is disappointing because it is contrary to what this administration stands for."

The man Peterson put in charge of the fire department, Jim Greeson, will apparently remain at the helm, along with two of the department's highest ranking officers, CCC President Monroe Gray and Councilor Vernon Brown. "I made it clear to [Greeson] that this kind of thing was unacceptable, that it had to be eradicated," Peterson told the Star. "He is the right person to be the agent of change here because of the way this has impacted him, the way he personally feels about discrimination." Greeson said, "I apologize if women feel like they've been disenfranchised and don't feel like they can come forward." "Today's a new day. Let's go forward together and solve these problems." The only punishments handed out as a result of the Ruth Morrison lawsuit were very short suspensions of two supervisors who work under Greeson.

Other female officers blame Greeson for the mess. "Instead of fixing the problems when he had the chance, Greeson allowed the offending chiefs to sidestep serious punishment for months, Kathy Gillette, a 22-year veteran of the department said." "These men on the job who don't like women being firefighters, in my opinion, they've been given the go-ahead to harass the hell out of us," Gillette said. Recall also that Advance Indiana exclusively reported on a Beech Grove man's sworn complaint that he heard Greeson call tax activist Melyssa Donaghy a "bull dyke" at a CCC meeting at which Mayor Peterson was about to present his budget address. Nobody in the local news media reported on that incident. You would think the media would at least ask Greeson to publicly deny or admit the allegations contained in the man's affidavit.


Sir Hailstone said...

Sounds like a case for a new fire chief - appointed by a new mayor.

Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder than words. Peterson did not remove the fire chief after the fire chief referred to a citizen at a city council meeting as a "bull dyke." Bart lies!

Anonymous said...

Greeson is a bigot and a sexist! Always has been and always will be.He's old school and believes women shouldn't be firefighters. Peterson's vow to end sexual discrimination is nothing more than BS otherwise Greeson would no longer be chief.

Anonymous said...

WHAT A JOKE!! The mayor, in an effort to get re-elected, has pulled out all the stops. This time he puts on his "I'm very disappointed in you" face and says IFD needs a "new attitude." This has been ongoing for years.

The Chief Fire Officer himself, Chief James Greeson, is accused in a notarized statement to have called a female a "Resident Bull Dyke" in a public meeting.

Now, everyone is crying, wringing their hands, setting up "training," etc. in order to shield hizzoner.

Anonymous said...

12:53, Right!! Where was the mayor when this lawsuit was filed????? having a 'it's no big deal' attitude??????? Hey time its happens, just deliver one good smack across the harasser's face!! I like to read all about it in the Star!

Anonymous said...

I find the mayors vow to end sexual discrimination in iFD laughable! If you look at the mess currently called IMPD you will see there have been numerous complaints filed with the EEOC over racial discrimination. As a matter of fact the Federal Govt has filed a suit against the city.

Melyssa said...

Taped Phone Calls

Boys, I've got files of digitized telephone tapes with IFD. You should be afraid, very afraid.

Write a press release to cover your tuchas on this one, hypocrites.

You know the press wants my tapes.

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking, Hailstone, doesn't make it likely.

12:57: ask any lawyer--when a lawsuit is filed, that's the time to dummy up to the press. It's just the prudent thing to do, guilty or innocent...or anything in between.

Discrimination like this is intolerable, regardless who the chief is. Bart thinks Greeson is the guy to be the "change agent." I don't, but I wasn't elected mayor twice. This does not make Bart a "liar." And the cavalier use of that word is getting really, really old.

And you're in Minute 17, Melyssa...release the tapes already or go away.

Anonymous said...

True, Melyssa! It's time to "Put up or shut up"

You know you have NOTHING, or else you would have used it by now.
Call Jack Rinehart and let him do the story.
He likes doing stories with ou as the topic.

Anonymous said...

At least Melyssa, Ruth and Kathy have the determination to stand up to these idiots in charge of IFD. These 3 ladies deserve respect and I for one know they have earned it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 254,
Nice to see you left TDW with the rest of the far left nutcakes to come over here and throw your 2 cents in. Leadership is about taking care of problems and solving them before they cause a major amount of damage. If Bart were a true leader he wouldn't keep a guy like Greeson around especially after making the " Bull Dyke " comment while in uniform in a public forum. Remember Melyssa didnt make this up and she surely wasnt the one who filed the affidavit stating that it happened. So why don't you get off her back and quit making excuses for Bart's inexcuseable attitude. If Bart is going to continue to LIE as he does quite regularly, people will continue to call him on it.

Anonymous said...

Is the Fire Chief a "victim of the 60's?"

His hair looks like the hippies on the Broad Ripple bridge every night! Get a haircut Greeson.

...and, while you're at it, if you were a true leader, you would've NEVER made the remarks about a citizen being a "bull-dyke" in uniform at an official city function.

-Seems you are guilty of conduct unbecoming a city official! If Bart meant what he said, you'd be relieved of duty as chief...but BART LIES!

Anonymous said...

Hey could someone explain what the heck this bull dyke "affidavit" is about? Is in a affidavit for a lawsuit or a court filing, or was it just some guy saying "I heard him say this..." and he put in affidavit form? And if so what was the point of the affidavit? To make the story or claim more credible with the press or blogs? To get publicity for Melissa? Or what? Just trying to understand why this was an affidavit and if there was a point other than "this guy says bad things" Thanx.

And PS, yes, I agree Melyssa can put up or shut up any day now about this tapes-- and maybe also explain what the point is of those too, while she's at it, lest they become the WMDs of Marion County.

Anonymous said...

How can Greeson end sexual harassment?
He originated it!
he is a weasel and needs to step down.

Anonymous said...

Mayor is embarrassed? If he was.... he would of taken action against Greeson the 'bull dyke' comment. Since he hasn't is this under the Bart Lies category?????