Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tully Agrees: Peterson Stretching The Truth

It's a reaction not just shared by partisans who believe Mayor Bart Peterson's latest TV commercial about what he's doing to combat rising property taxes is less than truthful. Star political columnist Matt Tully opines today that Peterson is stretching the truth. Tully writes:

Exaggeration is not good in campaign commercials, and this one has two scoops of it. At one point, the mayor says, "We took action. By banding together, we were able to get the state to force a new reassessment to correct what we know is wrong."

That is stretching it.

The Peterson camp points to a July 12 news release about his reckless plan to borrow millions for election-year tax relief. Toward the end of the release are these words: "Peterson also said a new property tax assessment for Marion County . . . is welcome if ordered by the state."
He didn't take action. The governor did.

I would add that, as his GOP opponent Greg Ballard pointed out, Peterson avoided all the public protests over the summer which pressured Gov. Daniels into taking action on Marion Co.'s reassessments. He hardly banded together with taxpayers to bring about action as he asserts in his campaign commercial. Note that Tully confirms the Mayor's crime-fighting commercial earlier this summer with Sheriff Frank Anderson was a complete flop. "Those ads flopped. Like a network sitcom, Peterson's campaign commercials went on hiatus," Tully writes. "Better that than a summer of angry taxpayers hurling their remote controls at the screen."

Tully also describes Peterson as a "master" based upon his delivery in the same commercial in question. "The mayor is so comfortable in front of a camera, you'd think he was talking into his bathroom mirror after a morning shave . . . When Peterson says, 'I understand people's anger,' he sounds as sincere as a 5-year-old telling his mom he loves her." I have to disagree with Tully on this one. Color me cynical, but I've never thought a lot of Peterson's abilities as a public speaker. I've been around politicians my entire adult life, and Peterson is not one who comes to mind as a "master" in front of the TV camera. His voice and face project anything but sincerity in my humble opinion.


Wilson46201 said...

So when will the GOP start running their TV spots explaining exactly where their amazing $70 million in spending cuts will come from? What public services will they eliminate? How many employees will be fired? What agencies will be wrecked?

Or is that just another Republican "faith-based" slogan?

Anonymous said...

Oh Wilson....SHUT UP would make me want to puke. You must be on the payroll with the Bart team.....gosh you make me sick to my stomach

Wilson46201 said...

It looks like the Ballard Team just chimed in with another informed and concerned comment! LOL

Anonymous said...

Matt Tully, how about looking into another 'stretching the truth'...saving 9 million by consolidating police departments and then needing a 65% income tax increase for public safety needs.
And one of those 'needs' is money to cover the latest police contract??
Also where was our fine Mayor's sympathy for the property owners when HIS C/C Council raised the income tax 65%.
Did he forget that the same property tax victims, now look at their pay stubs EVERY payday and see they are victims again. Where is the mayor's heart filled concern now.......?

Anonymous said...

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>The Indian smiles and proudly says,” Training for
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Unknown said...

Is that irony, 9:28?

Because when I think of messes to clean up, somehow the Bush administration's handling of things like Iraq and Katrina come to mind first. In fact, I'm having trouble coming up with any mess created by the democratic congress.

Oh, and if you use the correct form of the adjective "democratic" you may convince people that you have graduated from high school.

Anonymous said...

9:20AM...Great point!

Anonymous said...

Why do so many people have to look at politics in terms of democrat or republican? There is plenty of dishonor on both sides of the aisle. As I see it, it is two sides of the same dirty coin.

It's time Americans started looking at the individual candidates and ignoring party rhetoric. The democrats don't act like democrats any more than the republicans act like republicans.

However, there are a few great individuals in the mix and we should be talking about them independent of party rhetoric.

Bart Lies said...

The local GOP will start running TV ads when (if) they get out of bed with the local Dems. Sadly, too many powerful GOP-supporting businesspeople have profitted via Bart's regime and stand to lose if they dare to buck The Machine.

Anonymous said..., Wilson is on the Carson machine payroll and is incapable of rational, independent thought.

Anonymous said...

"You must be on the payroll with the Bart team....."

Nope. Julia Carson's congressional staff. and look for "Wilson E. Allen".

Anonymous said...

Wilson, how does it feel to be a lackey for the GOP businessmen that have controlled your Mayor since day one.
And lets get one thing straight, if these people with the money behind Peterson want "one of their own" in Julia Carson's seat they WILL do it.
You are being tossed bread crumbs from the white king makers Mr.Allen.
Somehow you have this notion that the GOP went away when Peterson went in. They've got "their mayor" already, he just doesn't wear a GOP hat anymore. And you and "yours" bought the whole damn thing for a few bread crumbs. Sad, very sad.

Anonymous said...

The only thing the politicians have been doing is trying to stay one step of the citizens lawsuits against the property taxes. Since 2003 they have done nothing except tell us how much they care all the while doing nothing.

Wilson46201 said...

FYI: I have not been on Carson's Congressional staff for 2 years now and even then it was just part-time.

I am retired and living on savings and pensions. I have no boss - I am employed by nobody. My views are my own.

Anonymous said...

Tully is such a tool. Tully said AFTER the November elections that it was time for Julia to go. A lot of us knew that BEFORE election day, "I ain't go no nickel in that dime", but Tully states his lame-o little thoughts afterwards. Peterson should be THANKFUL that most people think Tully isn't worth the waste of ink.