Friday, September 14, 2007

Monroe Gray Claims Two Homestead Exemptions

By law a homeowner can only claim his or her primary residence for a property tax homestead exemption, but for the past past two years CCC President Monroe Gray (D) has been claiming two exemptions. According to an investigative report by WISH-TV's Rick Dawson, Gray claimed the full $35,000 homestead exemption on both his primary residence and a second home he purchased for his daughter. Gray blamed the "error" on a computer glitch in the county auditor's office. He insisted he didn't claim the exemption on the second home when he purchased it two years ago. According to numerous news reports recently, many homeowners have claimed they lost out on the homestead exemption because they did not claim it by the deadline, which moved Gov. Daniels to extend the deadline for filing for the homestead exemption.

Whether Gray actually claimed the exemption is irrelevant. He knew when he received his first tax bill on the second home he was receiving a tax break to which he wasn't entitled and obviously chose to take advantage of the county auditor's office error. For someone who has repeatedly voted to increase our taxes as a member of the CCC and is one of the highest paid members of the Indianapolis Fire Department, it is particularly galling for him to illegally accept this tax break. One has to wonder whether there is anybody in the Marion County Democratic Party with the integrity to say they've had enough of Gray's legal and ethical lapses. Let's hope the voters of his district are wise enough to elect a truly respectable guy like his GOP opponent Kurt Webber to the council and throw Gray out of public office for good.


Anonymous said...

As a member of the Marion County Democrat Party, a precinct committeemen, let me be the first to say "Monroe you are a disgrace to our party". There.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Thanks, anon 8:06, but can you state your name for the record, please.

Sir Hailstone said...

Cheating on your property taxes - that must be what having the "juice" is all about, eh Mr. Welsh?

What other taxes is Sweet Pea cheating? *gears turning between the ears*

Does the IDOR or IRS offer rewards for tipping them off to tax cheats??

Wilson46201 said...

As I recall, just calling somebody a "tax cheat" to the I.R.S. will produce no results but if you have hard evidence of such chicanery, you may indeed be eligible for a reward. Of course, the GOP has gutted IRS enforcement so your 'informing' may not get any attention at all from an overloaded staff...

Anonymous said...

Question: Wasn't Brizzi cheating the same way a couple years ago w. an old house/rental and new house? Both of them were wrong, question is just what happened to Brizzi over it (besides publicity, otherwise I don't think I'd remember this otherwise)?

I don't trust any of them, personally. They both oughta be ashamed.

Anonymous said...


How would Wilson know how overloaded IRS is? Has this dumpster diver been reporting his adversaries to them with no results?

Anonymous said...

A local professional who lives in Butler Tarkington has been trying in vain to get a debate scheduled with Monroe Gray and challenger Kurt Webber. Kurt is willing to debate, but Monroe Gray who is employeed for $80k a year with the fire dept. as a COMMUNICATIONS LIASION, is not so eager to debate.

Wonder why that is?

Anonymous said...

Of course Wilson knows all about how things work when you turn in someone to the IRS...that's one of his many slimeball specialities.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Monroe Gray has so many "mistakes", cannot correctly fill out ethics statements, has two homestead exemptions, and INCREASES my taxes!

These Tax & Spend Democrats are truly an example of corrupt Machine Politcs.

Why isn't the prosecutor stepping up to the plate and doing his duty?

Anonymous said...

-Hey everyone Wilson, the delinquent tax non-payer is talking about taxes.

Wilson46201 said...

First off, I am not delinquent on my property taxes. When reminded of that $140, I paid it and the 10% penalty promptly. People like Darla let her $1000+ tax delinquency ride for months after being reminded about it "everywhere". Meanwhile she was calling herself a champion for aggrieved taxpayers. Tsk, tsk!

Second: I am an informed and educated news reader - I am no expert on the I.R.S. but anybody who reads more than the Nation Enquirer and IndyU would know about the overload at the I.R.S.

Third: I have informed on nobody to the I.R.S. but as a patriotic American, shouldn't I be assisting in prosecuting tax cheats if I do know about it? Why do Republicans so fear having the I.R.S. called on them? Is that the new GOP tax motto: "Don't Snitch"?

Fourth: when Karl Rove checks up on Democrats, it's called opposition research - when I do, it's called "dumpster diving". The GOP and its acolytes are awfully hypocritical there.

By the way, Ginny Thomas, wife of Saint Clarence Thomas, was the head of the national Republican opposition research team. Is Clarence married to a national dumpster-diver? Tell that to his face!

Anonymous said...

The citizens of his district can no longer afford to remain in a "Gray zone". Regardless of one's political affiliation, this man is making a mockery of our district and our city.

Monroe is counting on us to remain complacent, not bother to vote, or to think he really has your best interests at heart. Meanwhile he's laughing at you for giving him "the juice" so he can do whatever the hell he wants!

This incompetent, smarmy, unethical, mealy-mouthed, poor excuse for a human being represents YOU unless you're willing to take a stand and send him packing. Monroe HAS to go!

Further, it's time to send a strong message to his predecessor and all elected officials that we DEMAND accountability, ethics and transparency and WE WILL hold them to it!

Jeff Cox said...

Nothing will happen. Not one but several public officials in Lake County have claimed multiple homestead deductions. Nothing has ever happened to them.

Wilson46201 said...

"incompetent, smarmy, unethical, mealy-mouthed, poor excuse for a human being"

Rather high level of informed political discourse there? Is that a quote from a Kurt Webber flyer?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Karl Rove got caught claiming a homestead exemption on both his D.C. residence and his Texas residence. He wound up paying the backtaxes with interest on the D.C. interest without criminal penalty.

Anonymous said...

The prosecutor will only do something if the corruption includes a kick.

Anonymous said...

If the double-exemption is true--Wilson, to be consistent, you oughta denounce it!

Look, it's this simple: no one is unaware, when they claim the exemption, that they're doing it. He thought he could skate.

He didn't pay subs on his contracting company. He had to have his city wages garnished to pay a judgment. They repossessed a piece of construction equipment on the job.

He has a cushy city job that requires communications as its mantra. Hilarious. The man can't string together two coherent English sentences.

Ask Miss "Mary Bidgette Marity Adams" how Mr. President butchers her name, and the language at council meetings.

It is all disgreaceful.

But, if he gets in trouble for this, we all know what attorney he can hire. (Just over his shoudler at council meetings)

The plain and simple fact is, there are folks in the African-American Community, a minority but powerful, who think they were out of power so long, they're entitled to these jobs. Whether or not they're any good at them. Whether or not they violate umpteen ethics rules or tax laws.

And woe to the person who points it this slavish dedication to lowered standards--you're automatically branded "racist."

It's ridiculous at best. It's racism at worst.

I get the sense the gig is up soon.

Steve said...

Wilson46201 said...
"incompetent, smarmy, unethical, mealy-mouthed, poor excuse for a human being"

Rather high level of informed political discourse there? Is that a quote from a Kurt Webber flyer?

4:39 PM EST

Kurt Webber's campaign is not about Monroe Gray. It is about lower taxes, safer streets, and more accountability. If you want to learn more, send him an email at

Anonymous said...

I, too, am a loyal Democratic Committeeman. I am embarrassed by not only Monroe Gray but Ron Gibson. I dont live in Gray's district so I cant vote against him but I have already told dozens of Democrats about him. Most already knew. I can and will vote against Ron Gibson. The Demo party has no room for alcoholics who abuse women and police officers. Gibson may very well cost the Demos the control of the council but if that is it takes to rid the party of slimeballs then so be it.

Anonymous said...

"Corruption is as corruption does."

-The Democrat Machine

Anonymous said...

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