Saturday, September 01, 2007

Craig Resigns With Class

While Sen. Larry Craig's indiscretion in an airport bathroom this past June and his defiant press conference earlier this week disputing a police officer's account of a disorderly conduct charge to which he pled guility served no honor to his long political career, his resignation today was carried out with class. He directly and unequivically apologized to Idahoans. He put the interest of his state and his country ahead of his own self-interest in resigning his seat. He had no legal obligation to do so. Others, including President Bill Clinton and Sen. Ted Kennedy, have done far worse in office and yet continued to serve. Republicans were right to demand his resignation, and it was refreshing to witness a politician doing the right thing.

As I reflected today on what brought down Craig, I couldn't help but think about our own City-County Council President Monroe Gray and City-County Councilor Ron Gibson. Gray was caught red-handed filing a false statement of economic interest statement, failing to disclose the work a concrete company he owns performs on government-funded projects. Gibson stands indicted for public intoxication and shoving a police officer--a female police officer. Not one member of the Democratic Party has stood up and demanded either Gray or Gibson resign their office. Instead, the Democratic Party has nominated both men for another four-year term on the council. Council Democrats even went as far as to hold a press conference to express their public support for Gibson and just this past week effectively blocked an investigation into the financial ties of Gray. While Democrats enjoy this latest embarrassing scandal for Republicans, they would do well to examine their own house. It could use a good cleaning as well.


Wilson46201 said...

The Republican leadership dogged Senator Craig out of office but GOP Senator David Vitter, another "family-values" hypocrite, remains safely in office. Is open adultery by dalliance with heterosexual prostitutes acceptable in the Republican "Big Tent"?

Gary R. Welsh said...

And Barney Frank allowed a male prostitution ring to be run out of his D.C. home and remained in office with his party's blessing. Is organized prostitution acceptable in Democrats "Big Tent"? I guess we know the answer to that question with so many members of your party backing pea shake houses known for promoting drugs and prostitution.

Wilson46201 said...

My point is that anything that smacks of homosexuality is an abomination for the Republican Party. Vitter paid the females but Craig did the dudes. He's now gone - fast!

Anonymous said...

Come on Advance........Wilson will not I repeat not sell out his party.....he is sold out to them.......and always will be.

Anonymous said...

Reminder: Wilson is banned from this blog, yet he continues to trespass.

Wilson46201 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wilson46201 said...

My stalker at 5:58pm has returned! She is so obsessive ... when did Gary die and leave her blog moderator?

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Ron Gibson resigned yet? -Now facing criminal charges for attacking a police officer.

Of course, why hasn't Beth White resigned yet for her aiding and abetting the illegal placement on the ballot of a candidate for city council who did not live in his district, a felony in and of itself.

Why hasn't Monroe Gray resigned for his official misconduct, failing to perform meaningful duties while being paid executive salary and driving a city car for the fire department? What about his no-bid concrete contract for work at the airport, which is a conflict of interest? What about that bar he co-owns with a member of the Airport Authority board in the Center Twp building?

Why hasn't Vern Brown resigned for official misconduct for not performing meaningful duties as an executive on the fire department? or being involved in a drunk crash with a city car?

Anonymous said...

Wilson, Gary did say you were not to post on this blog. Why do you trespass & disobey?

-Typical of democrats to break the law/rules.

Anonymous said...

I find it really sad that someone like Wilson is constantly on here dogging people about values and morals when it is obvious that he lacks them himself. Wilson, I am sorry that you lead such a pathetic and immoral life. I hope one day you will wake up and realize that there is more to life than one's sexuality or political party. Wrong is wrong and it matters not who is involved or why it is done.

Wilson46201 said...

My obsessed stalker at 6:17pm strikes again - she is so fascinated by my comments !

And of course now she comments on my "morals" (or lack thereof) at 7:37pm. Am I too gay for you? Are you just another typical Republican Eric Miller acolyte? ... frankly, you sound like Jocelyn Tandy again!

garyj said...

I'm fascinated by your comments as well, Wilson. Actually, I'm humored by them.
If AI doesn't want Wilson posting, AI knows where the "delete" button is.
Maybe Gary is just as amused as other are by Wilson.

Some people are like slinkys'... the most fun is watching them fall down.,

Anonymous said...

Anyone Wilson's age who goes out in public with orange hair deserves to ramble on this blog even if he is wrong most of the time. Wilson, should take some shots at Ron Gibson. When the floodgates open on Gibson, there will be headlines for days.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The hypocrisy meter for Gibson runs pretty high.

Anonymous said...

"Craig resigned with class." You gotta be kidding. He got shoved out by a Republican Party that's scared shitless about the 2008 elections, when all the Republican hypocrisy, mismanagement and corruption comes home to roost. And what about Vitter? It's apparently ok with your party for him to be serviced by female prostitutes, as I haven't heard any call for his resignation. No, the Senate Republican Caucus gave him a standing O. Let's see, does it maybe, just maybe have something to do with the Gov. of Louisiana being a Democrat? And that his dalliance was with a member of the opposite sex?

And Gary, your endless obsession with Monroe Gray is really getting tiresome. Every Democrat in Marion County knows he's a knucklehead, but where are the leaders in your party? All you have is a bunch of Eric Miller and Brian Bosma-type theocrats, homophobes and immigrant bashers, plus some washed up political hacks who couldn't get elected dogcatcher. Until your party again produces statesmen who care about government rather than ideology, folks like Buert Servaas, John Mutz and Bill Hudnut, Repubs in Marion Co.are going nowhere fast, other than down the road to oblivion. And that's too bad, because political competition is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

6:16, I, too, as a Democrat, am disturbed by some of the things I've seen some of these folks do.


Beth WHite did nothing illegal in the Patrice ballot petition. Smart? Probably not. Illegal? Definitely not.

Monroe Gray may have violated law with his ethics form miscue. But he remedied, damn it, and for any prosecutor, that probably removes the need to prosecute.

The Vern Brown thing, and the no-bibd Gray concrete work at the airport, are either yurban legend or getting a lot of blog mileage. If you havew proof or strong evidence of either, I'd suggest you produce it for the prosecutor.

As for Mr. Gibson, Gary's 8:39 post sums it up pretty well. That, and this observation:

Ron's cloaking himself in his faith, which, if genuine, he's going to need when the floodgates on his life do open.

But nonetheless, it gets old to see him do it over and over.

And Wilson--well, he's Wilson. Everyone knows his motives, his intent, his background. Who needs to know anything else?

Anonymous said...

At the risk of seeming hyper-technical, Senator Craig is guilty of a crime (even if he didn't do it, and the audio tape is certainly suspect, he pled guilty nonetheless.) I don't believe (but stand to be corrected) that Senator Vitter was convicted of, or plead guilty to, a crime.

In my view, someone's infidelity is certainly a reason to not vote for that person, but infidelity alone should not, whether heterosexual or homosexual, in my view, require resignation.

And while Wilson raises the issue of hypocricy, to me, the issues are substantively different (had Senator Craig pled guilty to a crime involving a woman, I'd say he should resign.)

As for the City-County Council, neither Monroe Gray nor Ron Gibson are worthy of elected office. But, until they've been convicted of, or plead guilty to, a crime, they can stay until voters wake up and throw them out.


Wilson46201 said...

About Vitter and crime: prostitution is a crime in D.C. and Louisiana -- he has admitted to doing such a violation. He has not however yet been convicted in a court of law, unlike Craig.

Anonymous said...

The Vern Brown thing, and the no-bibd Gray concrete work at the airport, are either yurban legend or getting a lot of blog mileage. If you havew proof or strong evidence of either, I'd suggest you produce it for the prosecutor.

That DID happen! It was a few years ago, Vern was suspended for it, went to court, and was found NOT guilty.
He should have never been given another take home after that, but then again, I'm just a lowly taxpayer, what do I know?

Anonymous said...

This is the reason why you only live in major metro areas to make money. Once you make your money, you escape to places like Idaho.

Anonymous said...

4:49, I've searched the records...there is no such Vern Brown incident that can be located.

Urban myth?

I don't like the guy either, and I'm sick to death of public safety employees on the council. There isn't a brian to share among them.

But to be fair, Vern's past crime cannot be found.

Anonymous said...

This is why Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle is installing public restrooms at the beach that are gay sex proof.

Anonymous said...

Senator Vitter from Louisanan repeatedly used prostitutes from a service that has been busted in D.C. All of this while having a wife and family back home. I wonder how his wife feels when they are intimimate. He speaks nonstop of family values and then is a regular customer of prostitutes. What kind of family is that normal? Why are the republicans hushed mouth about him?

Anonymous said...

So if I have it right, if you are a Dem in this city and continue to do dirty stuff but haven't been convicted you should keep your job? It's ok for Beth White to disinfranchise voters at a primary, disregard a fellow Dem who is lying when he purposely submits the wrong address on an official document. It's ok for the president of the CCC to visit local gambling establishments in a city owned vehicle and get caught by the police. It's ok for a drunk CCC member to attack a police officer. It's ok to get no bid contracts from the city for work that involves your personally owned inept company when you are a CCC president. Man as long as you don't get convicted it's okay!! Then I guess that means Vitter or Craig should be able to visit prostitutes all they want as long as they dont get convicted. According to someone on here all they should have to do is remedy it,or apologize and keep their job right? After all Bill Clinton's tryst in the Oral Office was only about sex and he kept his job. Wow it's no wonder this city is in the shape it's in. Bart has lied and continues to rape this city on a daily and as long as he doesn't get convicted he gets to be Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest, if cheating on your wife would preclude you from public office I would say conservatively (pardon the pun) 80 to 90% of officeholders wouldn't even be there anymore.

I think Larry Craig soliciting some type of sexual activity from a random guy he doesn't even know in a public bathroom with men & children potentially around is a heck of a lot worse than using an escort service. They're both morally decrepit but when you've run on an anti-gay platform your whole life and you get caught with a dude that one is open and shut.

I'm sure there are a lot of politicians who have used escort services, but not nearly as many that enjoy having random homosexual encounters in public.

Anonymous said...

One thing I admire about George Bush--and it's one of only a handful of things--is his steadfast loyalty. Then this Craig thing happens and *poof*--over the side he goes.

He stood by Rummy when that miserbale excuse for flesh dreamed up this war.

He stood by Fredo when the Justice Department was (and is) going down in flames.

He didn't hesitate to throw Craig under the bus, tho...mostly because Craig's miscue involved gay sex.

You know, US. The verbally-flogged and bashed group. The wedge whack objects of insult.

Which tells me one thing: they're gonna use the whipping post as long as they can. Including next year. Rove will have a lot of time on his hands.

History is already not kind to this president. His loyalty evidently does not extend to anyone who's: 1) gay, or 2)messed up and probably gay.

A prediction: now that it's easier, you're going to hear more about Sen. Craig's restroom antics, in multiple places.

It was all so unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Corruption is as Corruption does!

-The Democrat Machine

Anonymous said...

9:24 Vern was disciplined for the drunkeness in a city car & Monroe had a city proposal to investigate his corruption in the no-bid concrete work at the airport (Monroe is co-owner of the bar in the Center Twp government building with the Airport Authority board member). It seems The Machine removed the proposal for an investigation. Monroe said his ethics statement was "a mistake".

9:24 You must be The Machine or you are incredible uninformed!

Anonymous said...

7:50: no, I'm not the Dem Machine. Altho the thought of that makes me laugh.

I searched all available records and could not find a Vern Brown incident as you described. I think he's a complete loon on the council, and shouldn't even be there, so I was looking, hoping to find something.


So I'm challenging you to find it, cite it, perhaps provide a link to the records, or shut up already.

But your loose recitation of facts leads me to believe you'll never find it. Just for the record:

*There isn't an Airport Authority board member who co-owns 300 East. The son of AA Board Chair Lacy Johnson is an employed manager of the bar (even tho he had a drunk driving arrest...go figure).

*There was no complaint against Monroe that was "pulled."

It'd be great if we could focus on facts and real evidence in the discussion of these wayward council members.

Otherwise, it's all IndyU nonsense.

Anonymous said...

6:41 you need to do your homework, first: Lacy M. Johnson, President Indianapolis Airport Authority. He also helped acquire the Center Twp building that his bar is now located inside of....

Check disciplinary records of IFD for the Brown case...or IFD vehicle repair cost records.

City Proposal #182, A COUNCIL RESOLUTION establishing a special committee to investigate certain ethical violations by
Councillor Monroe Gray was killed by The Machine! (See it on

PROVEN: 6:41 is The Democrat Machine, trying to obfuscate the facts!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the voters of Indianapolis will be smart enough to vote Ron Gibson off the council. Unfortunately, Gray and Brown live in districts where they no chance of losing. RON GIBSON can lose and will lose if we all stick together. This is one Democrat who will vote against Ron Gibson and I know lots of others. Let's just hope there are enough to get that drunken hyocrite off the council. I am tired of him hiding behind his bible while doing all sorts of things.

Anonymous said...

6:41 Get the IFD report of damage to Vern's city vehicle...

Would you care to rephrase your lie about the Airport Authority board member who co-owns the bar in the Center Twp government building? (Perhaps you also need a "Mulligan" just like Democrat Monroe Gray got a "do-over" on his ethics statement.)

6:41 I read Proposal #182, and it is clear. Has it been passed, or not brought to the floor (covered up) by The Machine?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I read proposal #182 and it is obvious, Gary, that The Machine is trying to sabotage the blog and blow smoke at the truth.

Way to go 10:51! Thanks for exposing the lies that are The Democrat Machine.

Anonymous said...

Proposal #182, of the Indianapolis City-County Council:

A COUNCIL RESOLUTION establishing a special committee to investigate certain ethical violations by Councillor Monroe Gray.

WHEREAS, elected public officials must represent the highest ethical standards; and
WHEREAS, certain articles in the Indianapolis Star have alleged that the Ethics Forms submitted by
Councillor Gray were not properly completed and certain questions were incorrectly answered; and
WHEREAS, an editorial in the Indianapolis Star on January 31, 2007, took the most unprecedented
position of imploring the Council to censure Councillor Gray; and
WHEREAS, allegations of ethical impropriety have undermined public perception and public
confidence in the Council and it members; and
WHEREAS, neither Councillor Gray, the Council Majority, nor Mayor Peterson have taken adequate public action to restore public confidence in the Council and its members; and
WHEREAS, proper concern for the public and professional reputation of Councillor Gray requires that the Council be certain as to facts constituting the allegations prior to taking action to censure; and
WHEREAS, the facts can best be determined by a Council Investigation Committee; now, therefore:
SECTION 1. Pursuant to Sec. 151-33, of the Revised Code of the Consolidated City and County, an
Investigating Committee is herby formed.
SECTION 2. The membership of the committee shall be three members of the Council, namely: Scott
Schneider, Chairperson, Ryan Vaughn as the Republican Caucus representative, and a member of the
Democratic Caucus, who is not Councillor Monroe Gray, to be designated by the members of the
Democratic Caucus.
SECTION 3. The purpose of the investigation to be conducted by the committee is to determine if the
public allegations against Councillor Monroe Gray are true and whether such conduct warrants censure
by the Council. Further the committee should make such recommendations for change in the Code of
Ethics or other procedures as may be appropriate to assure that Councillors are held to the highest
ethical standards.
SECTION 4. The Committee is herby granted the power to subpoena witnesses and documents and the Clerk of the Council is directed to employ and pay such attorneys, investigators or other staff as selected
by committee as appropriate to insure a thorough investigation.
SECTION 5. This resolution shall be in full force and effect upon adoption by the City-County Council.

David C Roach said...

I ran for congress against Mrks souder, while working as a kitchen manager/chef for a local 3 unit strip club business. The girls were most pleased. as was I.
till I was arrested in my own "bimbo-eruption", where the girls bailed me out of jail.
I also ran an assymetrical political campaign for Mimi4governor of Nevada- Mimi Miyagi- filipino porn star. I used a local public access computer, and conducted an "air war over Nevada". when Mimi started out, she was a dark horse/long shot. but by the time I was finished, the local pundits in Vegas, etc were calling it "too close to call". A "flat world" first, I think..Now if I someone would buy me a plane ticket via allegiant airways to Las Vegas, I will even have my own sex tape scandal for everyone to peruse.
Hey- I'm a Republican- what do you expect? giggle!!
I'm both bragging, and telling a true tale. And I promise not to commit any felonies until I'm in office- GOP giggle!