Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Who Needs Sex Education When The Teacher Lets You Have Sex In The Classroom

In the latest example of just how bad our public schools have gotten, two sixth graders at a Warren Township school engaged in sexual intercourse during class with a teacher present and students looking on. WTHR reports:

For months it's been a well-kept secret. But now Warren Township Schools confirm a disturbing case of sex in the classroom. The illicit activity has parents concerned and a district at a loss for words.

Shop class gives students a chance to learn outside of the book. But at Warren Township's Raymond Park Middle School, two students engaged in illicit acts in view of goggled eyes. 13 Investigates was tipped off by a disturbed resident who writes:

"...during school hours in a classroom with an experienced teacher present, two sixth graders completed the act of intercourse...at least ten students were witnesses. No disciplinary actions were taken against the teacher... All teachers were told to keep quiet."

Middle school students having sex in a busy classroom while a teacher is present? Warren Township Associate Superintendent Jeff Swensson confirmed it's true. It's been kept under wraps since November.

The principal at Raymond Park Middle School would not speak to us about the incident or parents concerns. The superintendent in charge of middle schools in the district also backed out of an on-camera interview and instead provided a three-sentence statement:

"Two students were involved in inappropriate conduct in a lab class last semester. We have investigated the matter and taken appropriate action. The school corporation considers the matter closed and will have no further comment."

How much things have changed since I was in school. It is simply unfathomable to me that this would have happened in a high school classroom when I was in school, let alone a 6th-grade classroom. And how could the teacher not know what was happening?


Lance said...

"And how could the teacher not know what was happening?"

Well, the teacher can't be everywhere at once - the shop class I had was a very large room full of big, noisy machines. Shop is a little different than say English - it's tough to scan the room when you need to keep your eye on the wood planer so you don't cause a kid to lose a finger.

That being said, a group of ten kids staring at the same thing probably should have gotten his attention. It's disturbing, I totally agree. What's more disturbing is the hush-job by the administration and the teachers. Parents have a right to know about that sort of thing.

Wilson46201 said...

See? Just talking about so-called "homosexual marriage" is causing our proud Hoosier society to crumble before our very eyes. Heterosexuals copulating in schools! Rampant fornication! In the good old days, boys only were in shop class and the girls properly took "Home Ec" - no opportunities for such abominations as in Warren Twnshp.

People say Indianapolis is rapidly becoming another Detroit or Gary -- Sodom and Gomorrah might be more accurate!

[how's that for an Eric Miller rant?]

Anonymous said...

This is not an example of how bad our public schools have gotten. It is an example of exceedingly inappropriate behavior of young people. There but for the grace of God goes any public or private school or other organization that serves young people.

Bad parenting, an onslaught of sexualized media consumed by children, children "growing up" way too fast, etc.

What is most depressing is that kids who kenw what was going on was not acceptable in their school served as lookouts and prevented the teacher from seeing what was going on.

Of course, as a student of the 70's, I remember kids smoking pot in the study hall and tales of oral sex in the janiotor's closet. These are afterall the children of our generation Gary. Of course we didn't all act like that in the 70's, and most children in public and private schools do not act like this unusual example from Warren either.

Anonymous said...

"People say Indianapolis is rapidly becoming another Detroit or Gary -- Sodom and Gomorrah might be more accurate!"

Pretty much the same places.

Mark said...

This is a direct result of our over-sexed TV and society. And Poor parenting, but parents can't be everywhere. They have to trust that they have taught their children how to behave. But these 6th Graders are more than likely fully aware of all the "hooking up" going on with various teachers around the country and any one can go to certain websites where folks post all kinds of craziness.

The Administration failed when they did not notify the parents of the children involved, to include the 10 that witnessed the act.

Shorebreak said...

The school administration knew about this and tried to hide it?

All I can say is "Wow".

The administration and school officials/teachers who participated in keeping this under wraps need to be disciplined, and some of them need to go.

The behavior of the students is terrible, but for the adults to keep this a secret and not allow other parents to make objective decisions regarding what environment they send their children into is inexcusable.

Anonymous said...


Because you enjoy correcting spelling so much there are a few things that I'd like to point out to you. First, "Rampant fornication!" is not a complete sentence. Also, the sentence immediately following that fragment is a "run-on" sentence.

Wilson46201 said...

Once again, an anonymous nobody chimes in, trying to sidetrack a serious political discussion with an unrelated comment against another commenter. Issues are avoided and the thread degenerates into petty nothingness. Civil discourse is thus cheapened into fucking-in-shop-class behavior. Pitiful!

Anonymous said...

Not a Wilson fan, but an English major here (a couple decades ago)...his grammar is usually fine.

Run-on sentences and fragments are typical in print media today, and quite the thing on blogs.

Check the AP Stylebook or Strunk & White for further clarification.

This is pretty typical for Warren Schools (the coverup, at least). Among school people in Indy, it's called IPS East.

But they've got a world-class football team! Yowee!

Anonymous said...

Was there a cover-up, or did the media just not look into this until now? There is a big difference between a cover-up and choosing not to "advertise" an incident while it is being investigated.

GaryJ said...

My daughter goes to that school. It was covered up very well.
She's also told me stories about bl*wj*bs on the buses. I'm glad she rides in the car with me and my wife, not the bus. Her friend has been caught on the bus giving the pleasue to a boy twice. No punishment. The two students in question here were expelled.
it was a lab, (science I believe), not in a shop. The teacher was not paying attention to the students. Again, no punishment to the teacher. 6th grade is pretty young for sex. Most people have only gone "solo" in 6th grade, now it's as early as 4th.
I remember the pot smoking in high school, not middle school.

There WAS a cover up! What happened was, from what I was told today, is that the two kids who f*cked in class were expelled, the students who watched were talked to and parents informed. Now that one of the watcher got himself/herself into trouble and got suspended, the parent said,"not MY child" and reported it to the media.
The incident "ended" almost immediately, and the teachers were told to keep quiet!

it was a hot topic at school today, and the principal tried to smooth over the students.
Stil a lot more is probably being covered up by all schools, but only the administration would know what it is.

1056 is right. Wilson is usually pretty articulate and proper. This isn't an english class, just a blog. We all git the point here.
Enuf said about Wilson.
(never seen me anonymous, have you Wilson?)

Anonymous said...

No doubt the teacher's union has defended the shop teacher and fought for him/her to keep thier job.

Sir Hailstone said...

Now that one of the watcher got himself/herself into trouble and got suspended, the parent said,"not MY child" and reported it to the media.

Therein lies over 50% of the problem with school discipline.

River Tamm said...

this is crazy. At my school, we have strict guidelines regarding PDA, and staff gets freaked out if there's kissing and a big deal is made. The cover up part of the story makes it even more sick and twisted than it already is.

garyj: I didn't know things like this were happening. makes my school seem almost tame.

Anonymous said...

FOLKS, the "teacher" was a substitute. I'm sure he/she will never again darken the doors of a Warren school again. Had it been a teacher, I'm sure he/she would have been fired. I'm a teacher in this school district. It's the Warren way to hide things under this current administration. If this gets the supt fired, this horrible story will have a silver lining.

Riley said...

Looks like two students from the state of Indiana have finally given everyone solid confirmation that you shouldn't ever move there or live there [Indiana]. I would be less concerned about the school administration and teachers, and more concerned about what kind of family/home life these kids are subject to. They had to gain these impulses somewhere--I am willing to bet their parents are all fantastic people. Way to go Hoosiers. I for one am glad you are learning to reproduce yourselves at such a young age. Someone consult the Chinese manual for involuntary birth control--QUICK!