Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ivy Tech Presidental Search Blows Up In Governor's Face

It is becoming more and more apparent the recent flap over the search to replace retiring Ivy Tech President Gerald Lamkin can be traced back to the office of Gov. Mitch Daniels. Matt Tully is reporting that one of the finalists, businessman Thomas Snyder, had been told by the governor's office last month Daniels had already chosen someone else for the job--apparently without consulting the board of trustees. Tully writes:

One of the two candidates for the Ivy Tech presidency said today that aides to Gov. Mitch Daniels in late February told him Daniels had another preferred candidate for the school's top job.

"They called me in to thank me for all the work I have done," said the candidate, Thomas Snyder. "But they were alerting me that they had already identified a candidate they were supporting."

Snyder, an Anderson businessman, publicly emerged as a finalist for the Ivy Tech job earlier this week. The other candidate is Air Force Col. Thomas D. Klinkar.

That was a surprise, as many in the Indiana business and political community expected Ivy Tech Vice President Carol D'Amico to succeed outgoing President Gerald Lamkin. The move has upset some members of the Ivy Tech board.

Gov. Daniels' office has dodged questions on the Ivy Tech matter. Sources close to the governor say he expected D'Amico to get more consideration from the Ivy Tech board of trustees. And many people close to the governor have expressed concern that D'Amico was pushed aside by the Ivy Tech presidential search committee.

Whether the governor's office was truly surprised by the two finalists remains to be seen. It is clear from today's Star article that at least some of the board members were surprised by the finalists and think it's time to begin the search process anew after learning who the two finalists are.


Anonymous said...

Carol D'Amico is a wolf in sheep's clothing. She has never been a fan of public education of any type until she stood to make a bundle off it. He's a product of that Hudson institute, "get the answer and work backward" think-tank philosophy endorsed by Hubbard, Miles, Lubbers, Quayle, Moses, Cochran, and MMM.

That she would even be considered to lead the most blue-collar of our state public colleges is an insult.

Move on, Carol.

Anonymous said...

*She, not "he"