Thursday, March 29, 2007

Senate Approves Land-Based Casinos For Horse Tracks

If you wanted a demonstration of just how badly the worst element of the gaming industry has managed to wrap its tentacles around our elected officials, you needed to look no further than our own Indiana Senate, where a proposal to turn the state's two horse race tracks into land-based casinos passed by a vote of 27-21. The Senate's newest member, Jim Arnold (D), cast a vote in favor of HB 1835 as did most of the Senate Democratic caucus. “Think of the good things,” Arnold, D-LaPorte, said. “Gambling is a way of life. It’s here. … Let’s use it to our advantage.” It is highly unlikely the late-Sen. Anita Bower would have shared his sentiments. A majority of Senate Republicans, including President Pro Tempore David Long, voted against it. Sen. Richard Young (D), a candidate for governor, voted for it as did Sen. Vi Simpson (D).

If this legislation actually becomes law, you can be assured the Indiana legislature has hit rock bottom. This is government at its worst. This is where Sen. Robert Garton's presence in the Senate would have made a difference. He knew who the folks were behind this legislation. He knew what they were willing to do to get what they wanted. And he told them to get lost for the good of the institution. Sen. Long would have been wise to have done likewise.


Anonymous said...

Mitch needs to follow through on his campaign promises of not expanding gambling.

Voters expect his veto and won't accept excuses or double talk to sign this bill.

Anonymous said...

Clearly these politicians need adult leadership from Mitch Daniels once again.

A public statement rejecting expanded casino gambling in central Indiana followed by a VETO would be the leadership we expect from the person we put in office to fix state government.

Anonymous said...

How did such a large government bail out of the failed horse track industry get this far to be even considered by the Governor?

This should have been quietly killed much earlier in the process. Now it will be a campaign issue.

Anonymous said...

The Governor has been absent from this entire gambling debate.

It's time for the Governor to comment on this expansion of gambling so Senate and House leaders can save face and kill this bill in conference committee.

Anonymous said...

Your kidding yourself, Mitch wants this expansion of gambling to pay for some of his pet projects and reward his Republican cronies.

His silence says it all.

Anonymous said...

This is a Republican gambling expansion bill.

This bill will be signed by a Republican governor, passed through a Republican Senate, and agreed to by many Republicans in the House.

I cant wait until the next election!

Anonymous said...

Puh-leeeeze, stop with the drama already.

Garton overstayed his welcome by at least 15 years. He was replaced by a mental midget, but it was time. Borst, too. That pipe-and-patience thing wore very thin, as did the Ivy Tech suckup job. Anyone know what he really did there?

Fresh blood is a good thing. And the new Pro Tem is a smart cookie. He knows this vote was needed, even if the governor vetoes it.

Nobody farts in the Senate without the Republicans' approval, their margin is so large. This was a Republican proposal.

I actually talked to Sen. Bowser about this exact concept on Opening Day. She was neutral. Although she's surely not neutral on her replacement. A crime.

Anonymous said...

"A majority of Senate Republicans, including President Pro Tempore David Long, voted against it"?

The public and media clearly know that the Senate has a Republican majority. If this was true it would have been defeated.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:31 hits another home run.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I don't pay real close attention to alot of things, but didn't Bart offer up a plan to allow gaming at Union Station to revitalize it AND help pay for the new stadium? I recall the legislature (then controlled by R's) had a fit.

Or maybe I'm smoking crack?