Thursday, March 08, 2007

Miller Sounds Panic Button On SJR-7

Whenever the Grand Dragon of Moral Righteousness is afraid one of his wedge issues is stalling in the State House, you can count on him running to Christian radio station WFRN's Don Wagner to sound the alarm to scare up calls and e-mails to legislators. That's exactly what Eric Miller did today in his fight to secure passage of SJR-7. Wagner reports:

A plan to protect one-man/one-woman marriage in Indiana only has one more hurdle to jump before it goes to the voters, but it's a high hurdle. The State Senate last month voted 39-to-10 to amend the state constitution to define marriage as only between one man and one woman while banning same-sex marriages. However, no hearing has been scheduled yet in the House. Eric Miller of Advance America believes there's an effort by pro-homosexual groups to change the language. A Statehouse rally is being planned March 27th by Advance America in support of one-man/one-woman marriage and repealing property taxes. We're all invited to attend the noontime rally. Meanwhile, Miller asks us to call House Speaker Pat Bauer's office and our own state reps, urging them to support the Marriage Protection Amendment as it is now.

Even if Indiana bans same-sex marriages, leaders at Indiana University plan to ignore it. The Faculty Council at IU's Bloomington campus has renewed its support for a plan that offers benefits to the homosexual partners of school employees. The council even says a state law banning gay marriage would have little impact on the campus. 119 IU employees have signed up their same-sex partners with the school's benefits program.
This second paragraph of Wagner's report is quite interesting. Remember, the proponents of SJR-7 insist it will have no impact on DP benefits at state universities. Yet, Wagner characterizes the IU faculty's vote in favor of a resolution supporting DP benefits currently authorized there as a "plan to ignore" the proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriages. How can they be ignoring something we're told the amendment doesn't do? Remember who put those words in Wagner's mouth.


thomas said...

Great catch.

Either Wagner and his ilk are mistakenly under the impression that Indiana University will "ignore" the amendment by, um, officiating same-sex marriages? ...or Eric Miller has told them that SJR-7 will set out to accomplish exactly what they have been so actively denying.

Thanks for the story.

Anonymous said...

Good one Gary. Pointing out their lies may become a full time position soon.

Mark said...

I guess I can't say anything that the two commenters ahead of me didn't, so I'll repeat:

Nice catch.

Anonymous said...

Eric Miller and his ilk make me queasy. This, posted, just after the Kentucky story, did nothing but make me send an email to my state rep to vote "no". That Kentucky story is just a nasty, hateful piece of business.