Friday, March 09, 2007

Kelty Blames SOBs For 6th Graders Having Sex At School

No, Fort Wayne GOP mayoral hopeful Matt Kelty isn't blaming sons of bitches for the recent incident at a Warren Township middle school where two six graders engaged in sexual intercourse while students watched, but it would make about as much sense as who he is blaming. Kelty is using the incident as a rationale for cracking down on sexually-oriented businesses, such as adult video stores and strip clubs. He wants to hold a summit to come up with ways of cracking down on the so-called SOBs. Kelty's press release reads:

In the wake of a developing story from Indianapolis in which a pair of sixth graders were caught engaging in sexual intercourse in a class room as their peers watched on, Fort Wayne candidate for Mayor Matt Kelty resolved to do everything within his power as mayor to curb a sex-saturated culture that contributes to today’s utter confusion and mayhem. Kelty says that a key place to start is passing ordinances to regulate and restrict sexually oriented businesses, or SOBs.

“My heart grieves over the horrible story developing from Raymond Park Elementary School in Indianapolis after WTHR Channel 13 confirmed that a pair of twelve year-olds were caught engaging in sexual intercourse in a class room while their peers stood nearby and watched,” Matt Kelty said.

“The people of Fort Wayne should not take one iota of comfort because this took place in Indianapolis rather than their own home town, for the youth of Fort Wayne has access to the same message of sexual nihilism as the rest of the country. We must do more to come together as a community and say ‘enough.’”

“The obvious place to start is exactly where our current leadership failed, in that there are virtually no meaningful ordinances that regulate SOBs. That’s why I’m calling a summit next Friday, March 16, 2007 among pro-family leaders, concerned citizens of Fort Wayne, and members of the press to explore how we can unite to bring about change.

“Many government officials—even members of my own party—have paid lip service to this need for change, but they seem to conveniently forget about the matter when the public fervor subsides. But the people of Fort Wayne need to know that this elephant won’t forget. City ordinances are supposed to be enforced by the Mayor’s office and as Mayor of Fort Wayne, my city attorneys will have clear marching orders to vigorously enforce existing regulations as well as advocate for better ones.”

Help me out here, but the last time I checked, 6th-grade students weren't allowed admission into these adult-oriented businesses. Blame the parents, or blame the schools for failing to maintain a healthy, enriching environment for properly educating children, but don't blame a business which had absolutely nothing to do with what happened in that classroom. This should serve as a warning to Fort Wayne citizens. Kelty is one of those religious right nuts who's always looking for someone to scapegoat for all that's wrong in society. I'm sure he also believes that the greatest threat to "traditional marriage" in this country is allowing same-sex couples to lawfully wed.

A big hat tip to Fort Wayne Observed, which has more here. Incidentally, the Warren Township school incident has been garnering national attention. WTHR's Sandra Chapman broke the original story, which was picked up by the Drudge Report. FOX News' Bill O'Reilly had a segment last night which featured an interview with Abdul Hakim-Shabazz. I suppose O'Reilly chose Abdul over Chapman simply because of WXNT's affiliation with FOX News. You can view a YouTube click of Abdul's interview with O'Reilly by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Your post is based on the belief that sixth graders cannot get into adult-oriented businesses.

Have you seen some of these 6th graders recently?

Puberty must start at 8 for some of these folks.

I know two 7th graders at my son's school who could probably buy liquor without getting carded. Seriously.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Anon 9:43, you raise an interesting issue about the early age kids are going through puberty. I have heard suggested that the hormones in meat/poultry products are causing kids to experience puberty at a much earlier age. I know they are developing much sooner than I did in many cases.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Abdul to take credit for someone else's story. Can his head getting any bigger?

Anonymous said...

Ah jealousy. Someone actually gets on a national show to discuss a news item -- and isn't even taking credit for breaking it in the first place -- and others are sniping about the matter. Proves once again that doing well brings out the worst in those who aren't.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is SO freaking out of control.

From the sound of things: Yes, two kids did a very bad thing-- every one who has ever been in junior high knows that most kids trying to get away with things at that age, whether it is exploring sex, cigarettes, drinking whatever. Kids in my school did it in the 70s, its' been going on ever since. If this really was a THIRTY SECOND INCIDENT, in a a busy SHOP CLASS, it is totally being blown out of proporation. Hopefully the kids were punished... but it's not the end of the world. It's not like the kids knifed someone. This is ridiculous. These parents and media types are totally overreacting.

Anonymous said...

There may be some fingers being pointed in weird and unjustifed directions, but 11:25 is completely wrong about the severity of this incident. Parents send their kids to school with an expectation that those kids are going to be supervised and that adults will be present to keep these kids from getting into trouble. Obviously, that is not happening when somewhere between 5 and 12 kids (the accounts I have heard are unclear on this) are able to completely disappear from the teacher's view. And sorry, this was not 30 seconds. It would have taken at least that long for this group of kids to "disappear" around the corner. And by that time, the teacher should have been right on their heels behind them. Note, by the way, that this was SHOP class. There is also a safety issue involved when kids are allowed to disappear from the teacher's view. I had shop when I was growing up, and my public school teachers never let us out of their view, for darned good reasons.

If I were a parent in that school, I would want an absolutely rock-solid reason why these kids were able to get away unnoticed like that; or I would absolutely want the teacher fired. I would also look very poorly upon any administrators who have portrayed this issue as anything less than a major incident. If that is the way they view their oversight of kids and their responsibilities to parents, then they have absolutely no business working in education.

Of course, as Abdul noted in his interview, this is a district that fosters a consistent atmosphere of troubling actions. And when that is happening, it is probably time to start looking at the leadership. Even if the administration has not been directly involved with any of the various incidents in that district, they are responsible for the atmosphere that is allowing all of these things to happen.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Welcome back, RiShawn.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone buying a house in Warren Township any time soon? Not if they have kids I guess. Wake up Warren.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious in the interview, O'Reilly is trying to peg the school as a predominantly black school, which it is not. It's also equally obvious Abdul doesn't have a clue what the demographic make-up of Warren Township is based on his responses to O'Reilly

Anonymous said...

O'Reilly was so disappointed that the school isn't mostly black. He can take solace in the fact that it is mostly lower-class, though.

Anonymous said...

The school district is about 40% Afircan-American, I believe.

It's about 55-60% poor, by most standards.

They consistently perform poorly on standaridized tests. At all schools.

But they have a hell of a football team, yes sirree.

Anonymous said...

Not all 6th graders have gone through puberty. That being said, I would be really scared that if an 11 year old is regularly having sex (as often as they can at least), would the same child think it would be ok for their 9 year old sister to engage in a sex act?

The idea that 11 year olds are having sex is sad. If these kids are really growing up that fast, this country won't last. We will be seeing 40 year old great grand mothers if we are not careful.

Anonymous said...

Loved watching Abdul squirm when asked to describe Warren Township. Of course he couldn't. He's a transient, just passing through, has no roots in the community, wants everyone to think he has all the answers.
Same with Biddle, Tully et al. All from somewhere else, telling us who we are, what we aren't and how we should be.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that 4:38.

If you check out the work that some of these "journalists" have done in other cities, it seems that they only know one tune no matter where they land.

Anonymous said...


Regarding early puberty, I have seen nothing definitive on the hormones used in meat/dairy/pultry, but there is a strong and proven link for girls between being overweight and early development.

Anonymous said...

9:41 has a point. But the original post was about this goofy mayoral candidate.

Flag on the play: he's piling on. Is this what Ft. Wayne Republicans have come to?

William Armstrong must be rolling over in his grave. Ditto Ivan Lebamoff, a Rpeublican in Democrat's clothing. Ditto other past FW mayors, albeit they're alive: Win Moses and Paul Helmke.

But we all know the stupid Warren Township situation is ever so applicable ot Ft. Wayne, right?

Damn what a reach.

Anonymous said...

No offense folks, but shouldn't some of you be directing your anger at the school district and not the media who brought you the story.

I find it funny that I'm attacked for being a "carpetbagger" because I point out issues in the community where I work.

If you people who've been here all your lives held some folks accountable, maybe things wouldn't be to the point in Indianapolis where they are.

And for the record, the school district is finally going to address this matter publicly on Tuesday at Raymond Middle School. Had it not been for Ch 13 or me, this would not have happened!

You have to add some new blood to the gene pool every once in a while or all you get is intellectual inbreeding as evidenced by some of attacks posted here.

Anonymous said...

Since we have not heard the details of what the school district did in response to the incident, the only thing we can say they are guilty of at this point is poor PR decisions. Given the budget issues schools are dealing with, hiring an outstanding professional PR person is a luxury they cannot afford.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you Abdul for being the bastian of enlightenment for we inbred intellectuals. How did we ever make it without you?

Unknown said...

The moral of the story is this, it's the parents' issue, not the nation's. Get over it and stop wasting time dwelling on it. Give me a break!

Oh, and I was wondering, should we go after the meat/poultry industry? *LOL* Why the heck not!? Ridiculous.

Steve said...

I agree with the blogger. Kids have sex. It doesn't matter what businesses our open. Also, trying to gate a society from its sexual activity only results in more unhealthy and obscure sexual activity, especially among young people.

I'm sure Kelty also is unaware (unwilling to admit) that some young people are homosexual.

I don't understand why so many Midwesterners stand for bad social science and bigotry.