Friday, March 30, 2007

Emmis Communications Announces Opposition To SJR-7

The growing chorus of Indiana businesses voicing opposition to SJR-7 grew again today. Indianapolis-based Emmis Communications is the latest to oppose the discriminatory amendment. The Star's Bill Ruthhart quotes from a letter CEO Jeff Smulyman sent to House Speaker Pat Bauer:

"We believe the passage of this constitutional amendment will hurt our ability to recruit and retain a diverse workforce, and creates the damaging impression that we are not a welcoming and inclusive community," wrote Smulyan, a Democrat. "I add Emmis' voice to the growing chorus of Indiana-based employers urging you to reject this proposal."

The South Bend Tribune also editorialized against the amendment after the American Family Association of Indiana took out a full-page ad in the newspaper earlier this week accusing Speaker Bauer of playing politics with the amendment. The reality is that it's the religious right which has been playing politics with this cultural issue from its very inception.


Wilson46201 said...

Do you mean sodomites and catamites will be putting Rush Limbaugh and Greg Garrison on the air in Indianapolis? Oh my!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if one of these companies opposed the amendment for reasons other than its affect on recruiting. Lilly and Emmis make it sound like SJR-7 is fine with them, as long as it doesn't affect their bottom line.

Anonymous said...

That's what moves a company.

Besides the economic issue is a good sell to the General Assembly.

They also seem to be moved by their employees.

Anonymous said...

"Lilly and Emmis make it sound like SJR-7 is fine with them, as long as it doesn't affect their bottom line."

What it sounds like is that even if the amendment fails as is, part two will be removed and part one will easily pass in five years.