Thursday, March 01, 2007

East Chicago Vote Fraud Prosecutions

Lake County has prosecuted 13 people to date and 20 more are awaiting trials in connection with voter fraud uncovered in East Chicago. The Northwest Indiana Times Ruthann Robinson writes:

Two pleaded guilty and two were sentenced Wednesday in connection with the ongoing East Chicago vote fraud investigation, the Lake County prosecutor's office reported.

So far, 13 people have been sentenced, and trial dates have been set for 20 defendants. A jury acquitted Robert "Bosko" Grkinich last year of 20 counts related to alleged vote fraud.

On Wednesday, Lake Criminal Court Judge Thomas P. Stefaniak sentenced Michael Harretos, 63, of Schererville, to one year on probation, 40 hours of community service and a $500 fine for voting in a precinct in which the defendant did not reside.Judge Clarence Murray sentenced Ezequiel Godinez, 53, of Merrillville, to one year on probation and 100 hours of community service for the same offense.

Jose Arroyo, 39, of Hammond, and Mabel Komendat, 44, of Highland, both pleaded guilty to voting in other precincts. Each face maximum prison terms of thee years and are scheduled to be sentenced March 28 by Murray.

Arthur Vera, 65, and Armando Vera, 51, both of Hammond, are scheduled to be sentenced March 14 by Stefaniak. The Veras also pleaded guilty to voting in other precincts earlier this month.

I wish the article gave more specifics as to how the offenders carried out vote fraud. It simply says "voting in other precincts." Presumably, one individual was voting in another precinct in addition to the precinct where he or she was registered to vote, which would suggest vote fraud by impersonation. During the appeal of Indiana's Voter ID law, it was noted no case of voter impersonation had ever been prosecuted in Indiana. If someone has more information on the specifics of the East Chicago voter fraud, please feel free to share.


Wilson46201 said...

Eric Dickerson's son Blan lives on Fountain Springs Road (in Burton's district) according to RV7 ownership records but is registered to vote at the Meridian Place address in the 7th District. What ID did Blan use Election Day? Why did he sign an affidavit certifying residence at Fountain Springs Rd for registering RV7 in August 2006? The E.D. campaign cut checks to Blan at his Fountain Springs address...

Mr. Erik Pitner said...

Julia wins easily and Wilson still has to complain and bash her opponent. Before pointing out the shortcomings of others, be prepared to defend yourself. We all make mistakes, regardless of political affiliation, yet the Democratic dumpster diver sees fit to spread his propaganda across web blogs. Pathetic. As youll see, I use my name, feel free to call me Wilson and we can have a talk about all your skeltons while we're at it.

Wilson46201 said...

"Mr. Erik Pitner" seems to be a phantom of the imagination of a deranged deadbeat - that name doesnt appear anywhere on Google or Yahoo.

Anyways, the topic aint about me but about voter fraud and residency. Let's stick to the topic and not get sidetracked off into vituperation about other commenters, OK?

Mr. Erik Pitner said...

My point was that you're a dumpster diver, eager to fling stuff around about others, but never admitting to the shortcomings of those in your party(Gray,Drummer, et al). And I am a real resident of Indianapolis. Try looking in a phone book and get offline for once.

Wilson46201 said...

There does seem to be an Erik Pitner who lives way out in Wayne Township (not Center) and is represented by Steve Buyer (not Carson). Phonebook info can be found online at

But like I said: this aint about me or namecalling by "Erik" - lets stick to verifiable facts about Voter ID and residencies...

erik said...

Nevermind, you'll never get my point. Its like trying to explain things to my 4 year old. I'm done.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wilson - Do you consider people who votes but list an abandoned house ( as listed on the Marion county website ) as their place of residence ( it may have been lsited as abandoned for mro ethan a year before the person voted ) voter fraud ?

Paul Phillips said...

Breaking news.....Wilson Allen and the Center Township Democrats can now walk on water. How lucky we are to have all of them leading us. They're magicians too...what you see in front of your eyes is not really what you see. You're getting very sleepy, pay no attention to the corruption and bad management in front of you, it is not what it seems.............Votes from the dead and out of district residents go a long way don't they.
A fed up Democrat.

Anonymous said...


The AG's press release states that the individuals were charged with D Felony Voting in Other Precinct:

IC 3-14-2-11 Indeed makes it a Class D Felony to vote in a precinct other than the one in which the individual is registered and resides. The offense is distinct from other election-related crimes such as falsely registering or voting under a false name.

Wilson46201 said...

If Congresslady Julia Carson were to walk on water, the deranged deadbeats would sniff that she can't swim!

Let's stick to the topic here, please, with documented facts and addresses, not urban myths and vague accusations...

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, Wilson

The facts were about E. Chicago vote fraud, which is legendary and long-term.

It was not about Eric Dickerson's son.

Practice what you preach.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the details, it is obviously clear from the information that we already have that there is voter fraud. Equally as obvious, that is directly counter to the claims of opponents to our voter ID law. No wonder Wilson is going hysterical to try to change the subject.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this case proves we don't need a Voter ID law.

Fraud was found, and prosecuted.


End of story.

It's terrible, but given the numbmer of votes cast in the state, it's miniscule. And it was rooted out, contrary to the Sec. of State's ridiculous claims when he pushed this stupid ID law on us.

Anonymous said...

Now that Democrats hold the key positions in Marion County precincts on Election Day, expect the Voter ID to become widely ignored.

Paul Phillips said...

Voter fraud and Julia Carson......They go together like peas and carrots!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just love how the opponents' line on this subject continually shifts. For how long have we been told that the law is not needed because there have been no prosecutions for this fraud? And now, opponents like 2:02 tell us that the law isn't needed because there HAVE been prosecutions for this fraud. Is it really any wonder that the judges literally laughed the opponents' case out of court??

And sorry, 2:03. Now that Democrats in Indianapolis have to find hundreds more volunteers to work the polls each election cycle, watch for R's to spend more of their manpower putting people in place who can help enforce the law.

Anonymous said...

3:22, I'm one Democrat who's always said the law is useless and blatantly improper. There's no "shift" in the argument. Try to pay close attention. The law is improper because there are very few, if any actual cases of voter fraud. And when they are discovered, they need to be reported, like the one cited in this post by AI. I've worked polls in the north, south and central parts of this state for over 30 years. I've never seen one case of suspected voter fraud on either side.

I have sene shenanigans by center township Republicans in the late 80s and 90s, but no fraud.

Seems to me, it proves the formerly-existing laws worked.

Riddle me this: didn't the Voter ID law shift the burden of proof? Before VID, when you showed up to vote, it was up to the govt. to prove you weren't who you were. By a challenge. Properly posted by either party. Challenges were heavily-used in this county in the 80s. Challenged voters could step forward, vote provisionally, sign an affidavit indicating they were the proper voter, and the vote was ultimately reviewed for propriety.

Now, I must prove who I am when I show up. And regardless what you VID proponents say, there is an expense for some folks to get this ID. That amounts to charging to vote, which is unconstitutional.

There wasn't a huge problem before. There isn't now. If you all suspected such widespread fraud, it was your duty, especially if you worked the polls, to report it.

Why in the world do we ever want to put roadblocks in front of voters? Not enough of them vote as it is...this just made it more difficult.

Which, if the major proponents would just admit, was the real goal.

And Beth White will run a better election asleep, than the last two clerk did, combined, fully awake. Bet on it. There's bene a systematic effort by Marion County Republicans for 8-12 years to supress voter turnout by threats, intimidation and harrassment. Over time, it works. It's like a drip-drip-drip of water torture.

But, finally, reason prevailed, and we have a clerk who will make it her top priority to run efficient and smart elections. That will likely involve some changes in precinct alignment and procedures. Which should've happened years ago.

Anonymous said...

You are totally dilusional, 5:38. And probably not even worth a response. But oh well. Here goes. Briefly.

I don't really care what you - one opponent only - has said consistently or inconsistently. The group of people who have opposed this law have been absolutely and undeniably inconsistent.

Yep, ya gotta show an ID now. Read that again. Seriously. Now time it as you read it. That's about how long it takes to show that ID. And after that, there aren't any questions. Now go back and read your own description of the looney process that you liked so much more. Heck, it takes about ten times as long just to read it, and even longer to actually do it all. And in the end, there is no clear resolution.

Hmmm. Could that possibly explain, in part, why the bipartisan National Commission on Elections (or whatever it was called) that was COCHAIRED by Lee Hamilton said that voter IDs ought to be required? The Commission's work also systematically dismissed every one of your "hardship" arguments, along with more from your fellow opponents. So did the courts, by the way.

Finally (not because there isn't more to say but because nothing said to you, I am sure, will have any impact whatsoever), the past Republican Clerk did try to make precinct reallignments. The off-year in 2005 would have been a perfect time to do it, and so she tried. Multiple times, in fact. But funny thing happened. The mayor who had to sign off on starting that work refused to do so. But NOW, since Dem's will have to staff those hundreds of precincts, you can BET that the Dem mayor will finally sign off on the exact same request from a Dem Clerk. Politics at its best!

I really can't wait until your party has some track record on this work. Anyone care to place wagers now on the number of times we'll hear this year, alone, that the new Clerk's screwups are the result of the previous Clerk's work? Let the incompetence of excuse-making and blame-making begin. I'm sure we're in for four non-stop years of it.

Anonymous said...

Revisionist history is all you've got, 9:20...

Doris Ann Sadler's precinct realisngment plan was part of a flawed idea that she never, ever presented to the mayor formally.

Try to get it right.

One of the only good ideas she had, too. Fewer precincts is a good idea.

As long as we can all get to polls easily.

And yeah, the old challenge process did work. Damn. It took about fifteen seconds. AFTER a voter had already arrived at the polls.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:38 PM

Marion County has had voters to vote in Primaary Elections in Ward 3, precinct 2, where they did not reside. They received warning letters from the Marion County Prosecutor Stephen Goldsmith's office of the charges if they voted in the November Election. Just ask Julia Carson,Tony Duncan and others who voted from her address on Park Avenue. I am suprised the dumpster diver hasn't discovered a copy of the letter.

Wilson46201 said...

Jocelyn: since you seem to know all about this mysterious letter, why dont you post it? Or is it another of your fabrications? And Goldsmith was Prosecutor how many years ago?

Lighten up and let go of the hate - it has eaten you up and shriveled your soul.

Anonymous said...

5:38/5:54 - You really are dilusional, aren't you? Or are you really Wilson trying to pretend like you have a brain? Well, sorry, it's not working. You can claim "revisionist history" and demonstrate your poor timing and reasoning skills as much as you want, but it won't change one important thing: Your side has already lost in the courts, in the courts of public opinion and in the court of Lee Hamilton's national commission. Why? Because you have absolutely no solid arguments. None. Zero. Zilch. Gone!

Thank goodness for those of us who want our votes to actually count.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, dumpter diver, ask Julia an Tony, the letters were addressed to them.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, proves you don't know everything. It is not about hate, you fool, its about stealing votes and voting in precincts where they do not live on election day. 1983, big time voter fraud in Distric 16, and that is not the only time it was done. Check it out. It doesn't matter when it happened, but it did happen and the people you tend to support so righteously, are the guilty ones.
If you are such a friend of Julia's, ask her to show you her copy from the prosecutor, and then you publish it.