Friday, March 16, 2007

On Angela Mansfield's Opponent

Little has been known about Second District City-County Councilor Angela Mansfield's primary opponent Brownell Payne (D) until today. Observant AI readers tell me Payne was interviewed this morning by Abdul Hakim-Shabazz on his WXNT morning radio talk show. Payne reportedly told Abdul he was running against Mansfield because some residents of a nursing home in the district wanted him to run because Mansfield "did not have strong family values."

Observant AI readers may recall Mansfield helped residents living near the Savoy nightclub in the St. Vincent Hospital area spearhead an effort to close down the entertainment venue, which had been operating illegally in violation of city zoning regulations. Among the concerned neighbors were residents of a nursing home next to the Savoy. So it seems a little odd Payne would cite nursing home residents as claiming Mansfield "did not have strong family values."

Mansfield joined a majority of city-county councilor over a year ago in approving the city's human rights ordinance, which prohibits discrimination of Indianapolis citizens on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity in employment, housing and public accommodations. To some on the far right, a person who supports equality for gays and lesbians does not have "strong family values." Is that why Payne is suggesting Mansfield doesn't have "strong family values?"

AI is told Payne is no stranger to neighboring City-County Councilor Ike Randolph, who voted against the HRO amid heavy criticism from the GLBT community because of a prior pledge to support such an ordinance when he first ran for the council. Randolph is not seeking re-election this year, and he passed up an opportunity to run for mayor due to family considerations. Randolph was spotted having a friendly chat with Payne at a recent city-county council meeting and has reportedly worked with him in the past on a homeowners association of which Payne is a part. Others speculate Payne may have been encouraged to run by folks upset she aided in the successful efforts to close down the Savoy, which was owned by prominent businessman Bill Mays.


Anonymous said...

Angela will do just fine this spring and fall.

Her strongest opposition, if it had materialized, would've been from a select few in her own caucus, namely Mr. Prez.

Thankfully, blowhard Councillor Ike's 15 minutes are about up.

She performed admirably on the Savoy question. Just ask those neighbors. Not once did she ask their politics, but she listened to their concerns and acted.

In so doing, she tilted against the Mays windmill. But she won. Actually, the code and residents won that fight. It should never have happened. The Savoy should never have been granted permits.

Isn't her performance exactly what we'd expect of a councillor, when a zoning issue arises? Are you paying attention, Mr. Abdullah?
THIS is how a councillor behaves.

Anonymous said...

Patrice Abdullah is a coward. He crumbled under the pressure from the Ghetto Mafia on the 300 East Bar/Restaruant in the Julia Carson Government Center. Did someone say residency challenge in the making if he didn't go along with the program?

Anonymous said...

I don't think residency was a problem with Patrice.

It's lack of backbone that's his problem. He's safe for another term, too.

(Has anyone gotten a copy of that 300 East lease from the "landlord" ?)

Anonymous said...

Mansfield should be removed from office for her arrogant descpicable way. All she wants to do is play politics against the Mayor.