Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chief Justice Randall Shepard To Speak To Federalist Society

The topic is "The Indiana Constitution." The speaker is Chief Justice Randall Shepard. And the host is the Federalist Society. That would be the same group that Chief Justice John Roberts insisted he had never joined. And it's the same group that successfully launched a coup against Harriet Miers' nomination to the Supreme Court because its members thought she would be too liberal on such matters as gay rights. They don't like what they call activist judges--that would be judges who believe in something as dangerous and threatening as a constitutional right to privacy. The self-described "conservative" organization is also a frequent critic of the American Bar Association, which it believes is too liberal.

So what will Shepard tell the group? Will he remind them that "Indiana was an early and noteworthy participant in using its bill of rights to defend personal liberty" in such matters as the fight against slavery, the right to counsel, protection against double jeopardy and unreasonable searches and seizures? Will he remind them that the Indiana Constitution "provides a great variety of protections for citizens which are not contained in the Federal Bill of Rights"? Will he tell them of examples which "provide occasions when a litigant who would lose in federal court may win in state court"? And will he tell them that he is "determined that the Indiana Constitution and the Indiana Supreme Court be strong protectors of those rights"? These are all his own words.

You can hear what Shepard has to say to the group on Friday, August 18, 2006 at 12:00 p.m. at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. The cost is $25 for members and $20 for students and government employees. If you're an attorney, you can pick up 1 hour of CLE. Contact Robin Beck at (317) 236-2455 for more information, or you can e-mail her at


Doug said...

You know, come to think of it, I don't even know if Shepard was appointed by a Republican or a Democrat or really even what his views are. I don't really get the sense that he'd be much favored by the Federalist Society.

I do know that he was always very cordial when I happened to pass him in the hall at the State House.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Doug he was appointed by former Gov. Robert Orr (R). The conservatives on the court, led by former Justice Pivarnik, did everything they could to personally destroy him. Their perception was that he was a liberal and all that that implies. See my post on "Sex, Lies & Supreme Court Justices" for the sordid details:

Anonymous said...

The irony of Shepherd speaking to a group that opposed expanded civil rights for gay's classic.

Anonymous said...

"irony" indeed! :0)

Anonymous said...

Our cheif Justice Randall T. Shepard made a reoprt with recomendations for making Indiana's local government more efficient,effective,UNDERSTANDING ,AND ACCOUNTABLE. Well he needs to practice what he preaches.I took my case all the way through all the courts and they are all corrupt and unjust.Because of them,and now him.I AM A MOTHER OF 5.But on the paper I got threw the mail from the supreme court.They say I am the mother of 4.And this is America?How do I tell her twin brother?and her sisters??And my heart?Just a mother who will always care and love.You know the same ones who try to teach their children that this is a fair and just system?When really it's Not. Thanks for nothing,an AMERICAN,and PROUD MOTHER OF 5.MONICA RUNKEL