Friday, July 14, 2006

Housing Fraud Crackdown

Bush HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson came into town to speak at Indiana Black Expo. But while he was here, he attended a press conference to announce that 51 people in Indianapolis were being charged with fraud for illegally receiving housing payments intended for low-income persons. The AP reports:

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson, who attended a news conference about the charges, said Section 8 federal rental assistance is meant for deserving families.

"HUD is serious about eliminating Section 8 fraud," Jackson said. "Indianapolis has been a model of the focused, long-term effort that's needed across the country."

Of the 51 charged this week with fraud, 31 were jailed by Thursday, 13 remained fugitives, while warrants on the rest were yet to be issued. Those charged will face two to eight years in prison.

The Indianapolis Housing Authority has been investigating the cases over the last six months, said executive director Rufus "Bud" Myers.

"There is a criminal element that is going on within ... the public housing program," he said.

The charges are part of an ongoing crackdown that has resulted in charges against 231 people since 2001. The government has found $2.1 million in fraudulent housing payments.

It will be curious to see the reaction within the community to Jackson using this particular occasion to announce the crackdown.

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aee said...

Go to Zion Illinois my sister has been on housing for over 20 years has 2 boys in there 20's and went and had 2 more kids 1 boy age 10 and a girl age 3. Her husband worked for Med-line for almost 10 years was let go due to failing a drug test he made $18 per hour she works part time in the school cafetiera for $12 per hour and they pay under $400 for rent must be nice huh?? It makes me SICK how do you report it anonymously?? I would like to put an end to their HUGE SCAM I really feel the whole housing program needs to be elimitated as I know of a few other families where the boyfriend lives with the girl and is a construction worker making $36 per hour and meanwhile I am clipping coupons, buying clothes for my kids at Goodwill, garage sales, etc... and donating what no longer fits it is not fair we the middle class I believe are hurting far worse than some who LIE and make it appear they are in poverty.