Thursday, October 13, 2005

Federalist Society To Launch "Coup" Against Miers' Nomination

ABC News The Note is reporting today that the Federalist Society is planning to launch a coup against Harriet Miers’ SCOTUS nomination. The Note writes that a member of the organization told ABC News: "The Federalist Society staffers are ready to launch a coup. They have started whispering awful things about Miers. The staffers are just now reaching the point of wanting to talk on background. The whispering started on Monday, but has revved up. . . .They are willing to talk."

The Drudge Report tells us why the Federalist Society is hopping mad at Miers. While giving sworn testimony involving a voting rights lawsuit against the City of Dallas while she was serving as a city council member in 1989, Miers said she would not join the Federalist Society because it was too “politically charged.”

Interestingly, the organization seemed to take no offense to Chief Justice John Roberts’ pointed denial that he had ever been a member of the Federalist Society during his confirmation process, even though the records of the organization showed that he had served on an advisory board for the organization, and served as a moderator, presenter, and otherwise participated in a number of events sponsored by the organization over a several year period.

As reported yesterday by Advance Indiana, three women U.S. Court of Appeals judges, who conservatives had expressed support as choices to replace Sandra Day O'Connor, are listed speakers at the Federalist Society's National Convention in D.C. next month. Karl Rove, initially announced as the keynote speaker for the event by the group, has been dropped from the Federalist Society's promotion of the event at its website.


Anonymous said...

"As reported yesterday by Advance Indiana..." are you kidding me? Congratulation!!! You have reported a story which no ones else covered due to the fact one cares. Congratulations!! Bloggers are not reporters...get a job.

Gary R. Welsh said...


You did take the time to visit my site, read it, and then post a comment-even if to insult. At least you care, if no one else cares as you say. Or why else would you have bothered?


Anonymous said...

Care would not be the proper word to use. I stop by to laugh. No one takes some of these "stories" seriously. You either report things that no one cared about in the first place or you rehash old news with your own spin applied.