Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Daniels Helping Eric Miller

Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) is helping his old nemesis Eric Miller extend his power over Indiana state government. The Star's Mary Beth Schneider reports today that Gov. Daniels has formed a political action committee (PAC) to help Republicans retain their majority in the Indiana House of Representatives. With all but one or two of the party moderates banished from the House GOP caucus and a candidate field that is the most ideologically conservative in recent history, Republican control of the Indiana House after this November's election will mean that Advance America's Eric Miller will have more votes in his pocket to push his extremist agenda than at any other point.

Schneider reports that Daniels' PAC has already amassed $200,000. "If we did not have an agenda, it might not matter so much," Daniels said. "But we do, and to keep the state moving forward, it would really make a big difference that we have a leadership that will hear our bills and give them a fair hearing." And House Speaker Bosma appreciates Daniels efforts. "He realizes that the biggest . . . political battle in this election cycle will be the battle for control of the House," Bosma said. "I personally encouraged him to go for it." Sorry Gov Daniels, but advancing Eric Miller's agenda is not what I call moving the state forward. It's more like moving Indiana back into the dark ages.

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Anonymous said...

Daniels/Miller PAC alliance:Who's got the biggest motorhome? Classic male struggle: who's is biggest.

Besides funny, it's frightening, because Eric can whip 200,000 voters into a frenzy with a few keystrokes. It's OK to be civil to the guy, but who do Govs (remember, Evan courted him on the sly, too) play up to this clod?

Interesting post, AI. Please keep us updated.