Monday, July 10, 2006

Bush To Veto First Bill: Stem-Cell Research

Karl Rove tells the editorial board of the Denver Post that President Bush is prepared to issue his first veto of his administration. The bill the President will veto deals with expanded funding for embryonic stem-cell research. "The president is emphatic about this," Rove is quoted as saying. The legislation is sponsored by Rep. Mike Castle (R-RI).

Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO), a co-sponsor of the legislation, told the Denver Post "I'm appalled that Bush would use the first veto of his presidency to veto a bill that could help 110 million people and their families." It is appalling that the president would side with a handful of extremists on an issue of federal research which offers so much hope for medical advancements. And of all issues to take a stand against Congress. It is remarkable that the President has not vetoed any of the wasteful spending bills Congress has sent to him since taking office loaded with earmarks, while he chooses to oppose a spending bill favored by the vast majority of Americans.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope he does this, because this is exactly the kind of wing-nut position that will drive moderate Republicans to support Democratic candidates for Congress this fall (ironically enough, since the bill has bipartisan support). This is just the latest in a series of morally corrupt positions taken by this administration to win favor with the supposedly "morally superior" part of the Republican base.