Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Soros And Conseco Conspiracy Alleged

Speaking of strange bedfellows, the Star's business section is reporting today that a lawsuit has been filed alleging that Conseco rigged the sale of its Manhattan office tower, the General Motors Building, so billionaire George Soros could gain control of it. Conseco sold the 50-story building to Marlowe Properties for $1.4 billion, or $750 per square foot. Leslie Dick Worldwide claims it offered Conseco $1.5 billion for the building.

Soros is the money man behind, a left-leaning political organization that has spent tens of millions trying to defeat President Bush and other Republican candidates. Leslie Dick claims that Marlowe merely acted as a front man for Soros, who supplied $350 million to them to facilitate their acquisition. Leslie Dick wants $750 million in damages, plus a nullification of the sale. Conseco says the claim is without merit.

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