Monday, July 03, 2006

TDW Is Talk Of Our Town

Congrats to newly-weds Jen Wagner (of Taking Down Words fame) and Gordon Hendry who were wed on Friday as noted by the Star's "Talk Of Our Town." Susan Guyett writes:

The Petersons, Bart and Amy were guests at the wedding reception for Gordon Hendry and Jennifer Wagner.

Hendry is Indy Partnership interim chief executive and before that served on Indianapolis' mayor's staff. Wagner, a former Indianapolis Star reporter, now works for the Indiana Democratic Party and attends law school. She drives the Indiana GOP wild penning a very partisan blog called "Taking Down Words."

The pair married Friday in Bloomington and celebrated with friends and family Saturday at a reception held at the Indiana State Museum. The Hendrys are Scots, so the groom and a number of other guests, including his twin brother, wore kilts.

Unfortunately, the online edition of the Star doesn't have the wedding photo of Jen and Gordon, which does appear in today's newspaper; otherwise, we'd post it. Yes, Gordon really did wear a kilt to his wedding.

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Anonymous said...

mmmmm ... yummy! Men in skirts !